Woman With AR-15 Goes Viral After People Realize She’s on a College Campus

Kirsters Baish| One Kent State University graduate has gone totally viral after an image of her holding an AR-15 on her back while holding her graduation cap made its way across the internet. The school is now being asked to explain why they did not punish the Second Amendment supporting graduate.

Graduate Kaitlin Bennett was not punished by Kent State after posting a photo of herself open-carrying a rifle because she did not take or post the photo until after she had already graduated, reported The Blast.

Campus rules state that anyone associated with the school is prohibited from carrying a firearm on campus, even with a concealed carry permit. Anyone else with a concealed carry permit is not subject to punishment for carrying a gun on campus.

“After graduation, (Bennett) joined the ranks of our proud graduates,” a Kent University spokesman explained to The Blast.

“So at the time of this photo, she and other graduates would be permitted to open carry on our campus.”

Ms. Bennett’s photo was taken after she was the center of backlash for having organized a walk in support of the Second Amendment.

She explained, “It just made me more determined to promote gun rights on campus. I figured what better way than to open carry a rifle after graduation and have a photo shoot.”

Western Journal explains, “She may have received some of the criticism due to the Ohio National Guard’s repression with force of a Kent State protest of the Vietnam War in 1970. That incident led to nine injuries and four deaths.”

The graduate explained that tons of people have messaged her in support. She stated that the messages came from “people who feel they can’t express their support for me publicly because they will be harassed next.”

Bennett has explained that she will not be issuing an apology for having taken or posted the photo.

Kent University would not comment on the matter when the Daily Caller News Foundation requested comment for publication.

Take a look at the video below: