VP Pence Refuses Security’s ‘Side Exit’ Strategy, Walks Right into Crowd of Kavanaugh Protesters 

Kirsters Baish| Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the highest court in the nation this past Saturday. The Senate Judiciary Committee cast their votes after an FBI investigation into decades-old sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh turned up no supporting evidence and the charges were dropped. Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a hugely important victory for the Republican Party, as it sets the stage for next month’s midterm elections.

With the news of Kavanaugh’s confirmation came massive protests, which was to be expected. Vice President Mike Pence decided to go against the advice of his security detail and refuse their “side exit” plan. Instead, he opted to face protesters head on.

A report from Fox News explains that the Vice President confronted the group of protesters face to face this past Saturday.

Fox News reported, “Vice President Mike Pence refused to exit the Capitol building through a side entrance as he faced a horde of protesters shouting ‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’ following the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday.”

Pence was aware that he would be mocked, ridiculed, harassed, and so forth by the angry protesters, but he decided to face them anyway. Fox reported that rather than avoiding the situation, “Pence was exiting toward the Senate steps with his security detail when he appeared to pause when a large crowd of demonstrators across the plaza increased their chanting as the doors opened to reveal the vice president. Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Morehand reportedly told Pence that he could exit through the Carriage Entrance if he preferred.”

Vice President Pence wasn’t going to let these protesters intimidate him.

“Let’s do it,” Pence said to his security detail, as they made their way into the crowd.

Fox stated that Pence made his way toward his motorcade while waving to the protesters on his way.

He sent a huge message to the left: we will not be intimidated. We run this show.

Pence wrote on Twitter that the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice has the “prayers and esteem of millions of American” as he begins his work in the nation’s highest court.

The confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh is a major win for the Republican Party. The Democratic Party used Christine Blasey Ford to try and destroy Kavanaugh. And they were using Kavanaugh, too. It wasn’t ever about him, it was about what his confirmation to the Supreme Court would mean for the Republican Party as a whole. Luckily, this time good won out over evil.