Truth About Trump’s Physical Comes Out… Liberals Flip Their Lid

Kirsters Baish| Leftists are losing their minds over President Donald Trump’s clean bill of health which he received from the White House doctor, Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson. Liberals are totally convinced that Jackson is lying in some way or not revealing medical issues.

Dr. Jackson was very clear in stating that no one had interfered with his assessment of President Trump. He also explained that no one requested that he leave anything out or change anything. Dr. Jackson also stated that when he saw Trump every day, President Trump did a great job on his cognitive assessment test. He stated that he was “very sharp” and “fit for duty.”

It seems that this still wasn’t enough for liberals who are totally set on pushing the ridiculous narrative.

The Daily Caller reported:

However, reporters are still unwilling to accept that nothing is wrong with the president and have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure with Dr. Jackson’s assessment of Trump.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, who routinely talks about Trump’s fitness, wrote that Trump passing a cognitive exam has nothing to do with being “unfit.”

“Someone could be sharp as a tack, but still unfit,” Stelter claimed.

Does that make sense? There were even journalists who tried to push that Dr. Jackson was lying in some way.

JoyAnn Reid tried claiming that the doctor wasn’t a psychiatrist or “sociologist.” I don’t see how this is even relevant.

There were even conspiracy theorists on Friday at The Root along with Rachel Maddow who pushed that the doctor wasn’t even able to have written the note that he issued on Friday. The note stated that Trump was in “excellent health.” They made this ridiculous claim because the doctor’s first name was spelled incorrectly. It’s obvious that the president release was issued by the White House, and they are the ones that made the spelling error, however, Maddow insisted that the actual note wasn’t written by the doctor.

The conspiracies were shot down in a big way today. Then there’s the big picture that liberals somehow aren’t seeing which totally wrecks their narrative of claiming that the doctor lied.

Dr. Jackson has been a White House physician since 2006. He was actually appointed by former President Barack Obama to be his personal physician in 2013.

Former Senior White House adviser for President Barack Obama, Dan Pfeiffer, came out to defend Jackson by praising the doctor. “Dr. Jackson is a phenomenal doctor and a really great guy. He and his team took great care of all of us for many years.”

It’s great that Dan Pfeiffer defended Dr. Jackson. It’s truly ridiculous that there are still people who are attacking him for simply doing his job. Dr. Jackson spent an hour answering questions, but it was clear from the beginning that he was being open with the media.