Top Obama Official Seeks Immunity to Spill the Beans

Kirsters Baish| Since FBI Director James Comey was fired, the Democrats have been on notice. In more recent news, the lawyers for another former top Obama administration official are looking for immunity for their own client. Her identity probably won’t come as a surprise to you since she’s been known for this kind of conniving crap.

Non other than Susan Rice herself, the former National Security Advisor to former President Barack Obama, is looking for a way to testify without taking a chunk of the blame herself. It has been reported that Rice’s lawyers have approached the FBI with information explaining that Rice, who has been accused of ordering illegal wiretaps on journalists in addition to President Donald Trump, will say anything she has to and rat out anyone necessary to save face and avoid a major criminal investigation.

Since the ridiculous scandal has become public, Rice has been trying to save her own hide. Her only concern is herself, which doesn’t surprise any of us. She even refused to testify before the Senate during their investigation of the Russian hacking conspiracy.

Rice has also worked to clear her own name by doing some pretty sneaky sh*t. She supposedly gave candid interviews to “serious” journalists in order to keep herself out of trouble. During each interview, Rice’s issue with compulsive lying was pretty evident. 

This sick woman has every reason to be evasive too. While the House looks into whether or not she made the order to the NSA to spy on President Donald Trump and his people prior to his inauguration, we all have a pretty good idea of what happened. She looks pretty guilty. Some evidence shows that all of the tapping was done by using foreign intelligences services as a cover-up. 

If Rice is convicted for her crimes she could be facing hard prison time. If she is granted immunity she will be forced to name bigger names than even herself. With Comey out of the picture, the investigation into Rice’s involvement along with all of her coconspirators will likely continue and become more and more intense. There is a pretty major reason that Rice is looking for immunity. With Comey gone the FBI doesn’t serve the interests of the Democratic Party anymore.

USA Politics Today reported:

Rice’s testimony could implicate people like Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, or even Obama himself. From the emails that have been leaked by WikiLeaks, it is clear that former AG Lynch tried everything in her power to stop the investigation into Clinton from proceeding too far.

Similarly, the defeated Clinton campaign launched the Russian hacking theory a mere 24 hours after the final election results. This means that they may have been involved in espionage to find evidence for their claims, via Breitbart.

While it doesn’t surprise any of us that Rice is willing to rat out her fellow Democrats in order to save herself, we’re left wondering just what lengths she will go to in order to make sure that she is cleared. Let’s hope this wicked witch gets the punishment she deserves.