Together Trump and Congress Have Passed Law Killing One of Government’s Dumbest Decisions Ever

Kirsters Baish| America finally has someone in the White House who is a friend to the large Christian community that exists in our country. President Donald Trump is an advocate for religion, and he believes that people are welcome to honor God. It has been obvious since the beginning that Trump is a man who believes in religious freedom, and now he’s proving it.

It’s great to have someone like Trump in the White House. He is constantly standing up for religious freedom. After former President Barack Obama’s clear targeting of Christians, it’s very refreshing to see Trump standing up for Christians.

If you need more convincing that President Trump is all about the faith, you can just take a look at what he just teamed up with Congress to do.

BizPac Review reported:

On Friday, President Trump signed a law that that protects houses of worship from being denied disaster relief aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Washington Examiner reports.

The legislation, incorporated into the budget bill, was a response to Hurricane Harvey and Irma-related incidents from last year, in which churches and synagogues were denied the federal funding FEMA offers to other nonprofits.

The Washington Examiner reported that in the last year FEMA has been in some serious trouble after discriminating against houses of worship who wanted the same access to disaster relief finds that the organization gives to other nonprofits. This policy, which is clearly discriminatory, came to light after there were numerous places of worship who tried to apply for relief funding after Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. FEMA denied them relief funding.

Congress passed a law this past Friday which protects churches, synagogues, as well as other houses of worship that FEMA has denied aid to in the past. President Trump signed the bipartisan bill right after it was passed. This will ensure that FEMA will have to treat all houses of worship equally and fairly.

The Washington Examiner reported:

For several decades, and unbeknownst to many, FEMA excluded houses of worship from its disaster aid programs. After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, three Texas churches and two Florida synagogues, represented by Becket, a nonprofit organization that represents religious liberty cases, sued the government in separate lawsuits asking for equal access to disaster relief aid. One of those cases, Harvest Family Church v. FEMA, went to the Supreme Court. The court asked FEMA to justify its exclusion policy and in response, FEMA ended its discrimination against churches, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship.

Former President Barack Obama and his administration left a huge mess for the Trump administration. Trump is doing a great job of getting our government and our country back in the right direction. Taking control of FEMA is just one of many things that Trump is doing to make America great again.

It was just said by the Heritage Foundation last week that Trump’s first year in office was more conservative than Ronald Reagan’s. This guy means business.