Three New Ridiculous Laws Taking Effect in California for the New Year

Kirsters Baish| Putting Liberals in charge of an entire state is probably one of the worst ideas that was ever implemented. It doesn’t end well, and the state of California is living proof. Democrats have been in charge in the state of California for decades. In a couple of days, three news ridiculous laws will be going into effect in California, and these three laws perfectly demonstrate what a disaster the entire state has turned into.

The immigration law officially means nothing to those in charge in California.

The Daily Wire reported that as of January 1, 2018, the entire state of California will be ignoring the United States immigration law. The Democrats have decided that since San Fransisco has been doing so well (total sarcasm) during the time that they’ve been ignoring the laws, that they would start ignoring immigration laws in the entire state. SB 54 entirely forbids law enforcement officials from asking anyone’s immigration status or holding them for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agents. The only time that they are allowed to hold them is if they have been convicted of a crime. AB 291 stops landlords from reporting any renters that are in our country illegally. 

The horrific story of Kate Steinle wasn’t enough to change the minds of the Leftists in charge in California. The young woman who was murdered by an illegal immigrant received no justice, and now the government in California is making it easier and easier for illegal aliens to kill more innocent victims like Steinle.

That’s not it, however. California is also about to make it a lot more difficult for people without a degree to get jobs and keep them. The minimum wage is going up.

Low-skilled workers are about to have a lot harder of a time finding jobs. Under SB 3, the minimum wage is due to hike every single year until it reaches $15 in 2022. This isn’t a huge deal for anyone who already has a job, however for those who do not, this is a big problem. Anyone making below minimum wage who gets to keep their jobs and will be getting a pay increase will like this law. But low-skilled workers who are still looking for jobs will be pretty deep in the hole. No company wants to pay a young, low-skilled worker $11 per hour if he or she is only worth $9 to the company. They will either figure out a way to go on without that position being filled, they will use technology to figure out a way to automate the position, or they will move the company to a state who has a better grasp on economics than California.

I bet you’re pretty thrilled right now if you don’t own a business in California. If you do, I feel for you. That’s not all! The new year is bringing new laws when it comes to gender as well.

Starting in the new year, in the state of California, individuals will now be allowed to make up their own gender on official sate IDs. California is abolishing its present requirement which states that people must go “clinically appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition” if they are looking to change the sex on their birth certificate. This means that men are able to just say that they’re women and vice versa. In 2019, driver’s licenses will have three options when it comes to sex. People will be able to choose from male, female, and nonbinary.

The state of California is truly a mess. You would think after all of these years of Democratic leaders running the state they would get the idea that something needs to change, but beating your head against a brick wall feels pretty great, right?