Target Preparing to Close Stores Across US… Being Liberal Doesn’t Pay

Kirsters Baish| It was last year that a big name in retail decided to completely go against everything that makes up conservative values and announce that they were enforcing a new transgender bathroom policy. Target has proved themselves to be one of the most liberal stores in our country. Customers responded with boycotting the company. Sales dropped drastically and stock prices took a nose dive. The superstore retailer placed their bets on curbing that frustration by adding what they thought to be the solution to their stores. They installed a single-stall restroom in every single store in the United States.

The “solution” was too little too late, and customers were not appeased.

It was reported by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that Target will be permanently closing a dozen of their under-performing stores around the country.

The retailer explained that the decision to close the stores were part of a process that is meant to refine their stores and focus on smaller format stores.

Conservative Tribune reported:

The stores being closed are in Lauderhill, Florida; Macon, Georgia; Harper Woods, Michigan; Benton Harbor, Michigan; Fergus Falls, Minnesota; Hastings, Minnesota; Hutchinson, Kansas; Slidell, Louisiana; Matteson, Illinois; Romeoville, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; and San Antonio, Texas.

The stores are due to close on February 3rd following the holiday rush.

A spokeswoman for Target explained to CNBC, “We have a rigorous process in place to evaluate the performance of every store on an annual basis, closing or relocating underperforming locations as needed.”

The spokeswoman went on to say that stores usually close after multiple years of failing profitability.

Kristy Welker, a spokeswoman for Target, spoke with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and explained, “It’s not a decision we make lightly.”

She went on to state, “We have a really rigorous process in place in evaluating the performance of a store in deciding when to close or relocate a store. We close a store after seeing several years of decreasing profitability.”

We can’t be certain about the exact reason why Target is closing stores, but we have a little hunch that the retailer’s politics have something to do with it. Alienating customers is not a very good way to keep stores open and boost sales. Customers can easily take their money and their business somewhere else. Putting people’s children in danger is no way to keep customers around.

Conservative shoppers decided to spend their money at other stores after the ridiculous bathroom policy update was made.

Liberal stores have got to change their game plans. They cannot alienate customers and expect them to continue spending their hard earned money in their stores.

Political correctness doesn’t pay when it comes to real cold hard cash. Target is learning the hard way that they are going to be paying big time for making customers not only uncomfortable, but also putting customers in danger. Being Liberal doesn’t pay.