Stormy Daniels Arrested in Ohio Strip Club… Avenatti Claims Arrest Was Politically Motivated

Kirsters Baish| Porn star Stormy Daniels was arrested on Wednesday evening while performing at a strip club in Ohio. The porn star made headlines for months after claiming to have had an extramarital affair with President Donald Trump back in 2006. Daniels was arrested for having “sexual physical contact” with patrons at the club.

Michael Avenatti, Daniel’s creepy lawyer, posted to Twitter, claiming that her arrest was “politically motivated,” and “reeks of desperation.”

Authorities stated that Daniels was caught sexually touching three undercover vice police officers while performing at Sirens strip club. This is a direct violation of the state’s law that stops anyone other than a family member from making physical contact with a stripper who if either partway nude or fully nude.

According to court documents, Daniels shoved the faces of patrons into her chest. She then used her naked breast to smack the men in their faces. It was also reported that she touched the breasts of female customers in the club.

The porn star was released on bail just a few hours after she was taken into custody. She arrested on three counts of misdemeanor sex offenses, as reported by an NBC affiliate. She is due to appear in court this coming Friday.

Avenatti claimed to the Associated Press, “This was a complete set up. It’s absurd that law-enforcement resources are being spent to conduct a sting operation related to customers touching performers in a strip club in a non-sexual manner.”

Avenatti said to NBC News that he believeed that there were numerous undercover vice officers inside the strip club during Daniels’ performance. He claims that when a customer touched Daniels, the vice officers arrested her.

Avenatti sent out follow-up tweets, claiming that his client will be pleading not guilty to all three counts. He wrote, “We will vehemently contest” the charges.

Because of the arrest, Stormy Daniels had to cancel a performance that was scheduled for tonight in Columbus, Ohio, as reported by her lawyer.

As previously mentioned, Daniels claimed to have had sex with President Trump back in 2006.

“In October 2016, on the eve of the presidential election, Michael Cohen, then Trump’s personal attorney, used a shell company he had set up to pay Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her signing a nondisclosure agreement,” writes

Daniels claimed that the agreement with Trump stopped her from coming forward about the alleged affair. The Trump administration denies the affair.

Things are not looking good for Stormy Daniels these days. Does anyone even buy her story about sleeping with Trump, let alone care about it? The American people didn’t vote Trump into office based on his love life, after all.