Special Counsel Robert Mueller Preparing to Drop Major Bomb

Kirsters Baish| The Gateway Pundit has released a shocking report claiming that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is preparing to drop a major bomb in the Trump/Russia probe.

The news outlet reports:

The writing is on the wall.  Mueller will go ‘soft’ on General Flynn and ‘show mercy’, then he will drop a bomb on Manafort and nuke President Trump.  The MSM will lap it all up and call for the President’s removal.  The House Democrats will work diligently to make it so.

The corrupt Mueller team was not benevolent towards General Flynn today.  General Flynn should never have been put in that position.  It was all just a cover up for the crime of spying on General Flynn and others by the corrupt Obama administration.  Mueller and his Deep State gang targeted Flynn and others whom they illegally spied on and set up.

And this was all predicted just as soon as Yahoo News’ Michael Isikoff made the announcement that the Mueller team was wrapping up their investigation. (In case you didn’t know, Isikoff is the same reporter whose story was used and planted by Obama’s guys in order to get their hands on a warrant to illegally spy on then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Joe Hoft tweeted, “If the criminal and corrupt Mueller team is finally done with their witch 🧙‍♀️ hunt they must believe they have enough to remove @realDonaldTrump from office. Don’t expect anything from @GenFlynn release. Mueller might even go lenient on him (not because he’s innocent of any …”

In a follow-up tweet, Hoft wrote, “2 … and all crimes – because he is – not because he was set up perhaps by Halper and for sure by creepy demonic former FBI agent Peter Strzok- because he was) but because everything crime boss Mueller does in the witch hunt is to manage the complying fake news media. Mueller..”

His third tweet read, “3 …will go light on @GenFlynn all for show and then the media will say how compassionate heir Mueller is to those he destroyed. Then the master crime boss will put Manafort in jail for life so he won’t release any press on Mueller’s all expense paid trip to the Ukraine that ..”

Then he explained that the media will never report on the Podesta brothers and Manafort saying, “4 .. Manafort and the sinister and creepy Podesta Brothers lined up. Of course the media will never report any of that. Hillary campaign manager John Podesta wasn’t involved with Mueller in crimes with the Ukraine pro Russia group only Manafort was (bs). Then Mueller will drop..”

“5 .. bombs 💣 using some support but mostly lies to take down @realDonaldTrump for God knows what. The media will go to a level never seen before making their lies and fake news over the past 4 years seem almost mild. The House Dems will then carry the lies …,” Hoft continued.

He finished off by writing, “6 .. into 2020 with their desires that no one will be arrested and @realDonaldTrump will be gone…. have faith in the Lord – pray for justice – and pray for @realDonaldTrump and this country… my money’s on Trump.”

The Gateway Pundit was right on the money when it came down to General Flynn’s sentencing, so let’s see how this one turns out.