Shocking Decision: State Appeals Court Rules Christian Beliefs are Criminal

Kirsters Baish| This week, our country reached an all time low when our Constitution’s First Amendment right was infringed upon. Freedom of religion is at stake, at least in the state of Oregon.

One of the biggest concerns of our founding fathers was that Americans always have the right to exercise their religion. Thomas Jefferson’s biggest fear when he wrote his letter to the Danbury Baptist Convention about separation between church and state has come true. We began to see these kinds of issues arise when the Masterpiece Bakery went up against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

KGW-Portland reported:

The Oregon Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a ruling — and a $135,000 fine — that two Gresham bakery owners discriminated against a gay couple by refusing to make them a wedding cake, violating Oregon law.  

The courts did reverse a portion of the Bureau of Labor and Industries decision that said Melissa and Aaron Klein violated Oregon law by communicating their intent to discriminate against same-sex couples in the future. 

The appeals court decision, released Thursday, came almost nine months after attorneys representing the Kleins and the attorneys for the Bureau of Labor and Industries argued before the three-judge panel. It came years after Rachel Bowman-Cryer and Laurel Bowman-Cryer first stopped at the Klein’s custom-cake bakery. The couple had no idea a simple item on their pre-wedding to-do list would end in such controversy.  They decided to order a cake from Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a Gresham bakery recommended by a relative, for their upcoming commitment ceremony.

Rachel Bowman-Cryer and her mother stopped by the shop for a tasting and to order the cake.  When Aaron Klein found out the cake was for two brides, he told Bowman-Cryer he and his wife did not make cakes for same-sex weddings because of their religious beliefs. According to a brief filed by the civil rights organization Lambda Legal, when Bowman-Cryer’s mother returned to the bakery to reason with Aaron Klein, he called her daughter and her soon-to-be daughter-in-law “abominations.”

The Bowman-Cryers filed a complaint with the state Bureau of Labor and Industries, alleging they were denied public accommodation of the Klein’s business services because of their sexual orientation.

BOLI investigators determined the refusal constituted unlawful discrimination and ordered the Kleins to pay $135,000 in damages to the Bowman-Cryers. The Kleins balked at first, then paid the $135,000 and vowed to appeal the case. The money was placed in a government account until the appeals process ends.”

Breitbart recalled meeting Melissa and Aaron Klein. He explained that they were simple people whose lives were turned upside down when they were forced to shut down their small family-owned business.

It seems that now, anyone who believes that marriage is meant to be between a man and woman has the right to be persecuted. This is simply unconstitutional, but that’s not even the worst of it. Under Article III of our country’s Constitution, the Supreme Court simply interprets law. They do not establish the law. It appears that the Supreme Court is now declaring that same-sex marriage is protected across the country. Any Christians who do not agree and accept same-sex marriage can be punished to the full extent of the law.

The lesbian couple in the case involving the Kleins could have taken their request somewhere else, but instead the Kleins’s business was destroyed. The power was left to the state and the government. The state and the government destroyed the lives of these Americans.

The intent of separating church and state was simply to make sure that the government was not able to make itself the head of church. This meant that they could not establish a state religion for people to follow. For Liberals, their religion is their ideology.

During the time that Barack Obama was in office, Liberal progressives followed the religion of climate change. Anyone who rejected this “religion” was penalized. Part of the religion of the Left is also killing human babies. You see where this is going. The Left believes that they have the power to determine parameters of religion and will use that power to eliminate Christianity.

This week, the Oregon Appeals Court established a precedent and what will be the SCOTUS decision in the case of Masterpiece Bakery owner Jack Phillips. The court made it clear that no other individual right will stand against the imposition of ideological agenda, which in turn is their religion. The Left has turned their backs on Christians.

Allen B. West reported:

And so it has fully begun, the open castigation of Christian beliefs as criminal. That is what this is all about. It’s not about cakes, floral arrangements, or portraits not being done for same-sex marriages. This is a concerted effort, well planned and executed, to undermine the Judeo-Christian faith heritage in America.

Consider the recent Trump administration re-nomination of one Chai Feldblum to the EEOC. “Feldblum has little more use for religious freedom than she does for biology, when it stands in the way of her radical LGBT agenda. She told NRO’s Maggie Gallagher that when religious liberty and sexual liberty conflict, “I’m having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.” (Later in the same interview, she said “in almost all cases the sexual liberty should win because that’s the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner”).

As written by Powerline, “In 2009, President Obama nominated Chai Feldblum, a leading gay rights activist, for a spot on the five-person Equal Employment Commission. Her nomination inflamed social conservatives. As a result, in March 2010, Obama placed her on the EEOC without Senate confirmation, through a recess appointment. In December of that year, the Senate finally confirmed her for a term ending in 2013. In 2013, the Senate confirmed her for a second term. This time, Harry Reid relied on the abolition of the filibuster for presidential nominees, and Feldblum was approved by a vote of 54-41.” 

Ms. Feldblum was placed into position and confirmed by a Democrat-controlled US Senate. She has stood for every single position in what we thought would be opposition to the Trump administration – but maybe it’s not opposition after all. “Feldblum used her position at the EEOC to promote a radical LBGT agenda. First, she succeeded in having the Commission take the position that Title VII protects gays and lesbians from employment discrimination. Next, Feldblum focused on the transgender bathroom wars. She cast the deciding vote in a case where the EEOC decided that the Department of the Army discriminated against Todd Lusardi when it denied him equal access to female restroom facilities. Feldblum and two other commissioners viewed the denial as both disparate treatment on the basis of sex and creation of a hostile work environment.”

The case against the Kleins as well as the Colorado case have been presented in front of the Supreme Court. But this is only the beginning. How is it possible that in America, when it comes down to religious liberty and sexual liberty, sexual liberty wins? Something is horribly wrong here. Times are getting harder and harder for Christians in America. Christians founded this great nation, and the Christian religion is being snuffed out by Liberal progressives. If something doesn’t happen soon, our country will no longer be the America that our founding fathers left for us.