Shocking 1988 Video Shows Shirtless Bernie Sanders on Honeymoon Singing “This Land is Your Land” Alongside Soviets

Kirsters Baish| If you’re married, when you think back on your honeymoon you probably think of happy times with your then-new spouse. For Bernie Sanders, thinking back on his honeymoon means fond members of dancing around and singing “This Land is Your Land” with Soviets.

The potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and his wife, Jane, took their honeymoon in 1988. They traveled to “Burlington Vermont’s Russian sister city, Yaroslavl, just days after they were married,” according to Western Journal.

Western Journal explains, “There was what appears to be a shirtless drink-o-rama with a gaggle of Ruskies who really seem to enjoy mid-1940’s American folk music.”

Take a look:

The Inquisitr reports:

A Twitter user by the name of Top Rope Travis, whose bio identifies him as the “Director of Veterans Overreach” for an effort to draft Rep. Beto O’Rourke for a presidential campaign, posted video of a shirtless Sanders, in 1988, with a group of people singing Woody Guthrie’s folk standard “This Land is Your Land.”

…“Is getting drunk & singing on your honeymoon bad? No,” he writes. “But why do it in the USSR, during the Cold War & then want to know why we’re concerned Bernie joined Republicans in voting to remove sanctions from a Russian who attacked our elections?”

Western Journal predicts that Beto O’Rourke supporters are angry that the “geriatric socialist from 2016 is about to enter the 2020 hunt.”

“Carousing with Communists is a bonus in the modern Democratic party. After all, socialism is just a step on the path to communism, and they just looooooove socialism,” the outlet reports. “If Bernie was a Republican, Dems would use this clip to destroy him. However, Democrats never hold themselves to their own standards, so I’m 100% certain that this will be dismissed as ‘cultural outreach.’  They’ll say that Bernie isn’t a commie, he was just trying to build bridges. Cut the crazy old coot some slack!”