Second Largest US Bank Declares War on Gun Owners

Kirsters Baish| We have seen what can only be called a grossly huge effort by the left to rid the Constitution of the Second Amendment in recent months. Their demands of strict gun control legislation have gone too far. New legislation isn’t the main thing that the left has in mind. They are also going after gun manufacturers and gun owners thought the corporate world.

The Washington Times reported that the second largest bank in the country, Bank of America, announced on Tuesday that they would not be doing business with any firearms manufacturers who produce or sells “military-style” weapons for use by civilians.

Conservative Tribune reported:

Finucane stated that her firm has had “intense conversations over the last few months” with manufacturers of firearms to tell them that they won’t be doing business with them any longer. She also claimed, “It’s our intention not to finance these military-style firearms for civilian use.”

When Finucane was questioned about how the manufacturers took the news, she stated simply that the reaction had been “mixed.”

She said, “There are those that will reduce their portfolios, and we’ll work with them, and others that will do something else.”

USA Today reported that when the vice chairman was questioned if the prohibition against working with particular gun manufacturers would also mean that they were not going to be working with the retailers who sold the firearms, she avoided the question entirely.

Finucane stated, “The problem with that is it gets into civil liberties and the Second Amendment. That’s a good public dialogue, but that’s a long way off.”

USA Today also stated that in addition to the companies who had already severed all ties with the NRA, Bank of America is now also following in the footsteps of Citigroup and Amalgamated Bank by using their power in the corporate world against everyone in the gun industry.

Citigroup recently released a statement claiming that they would not be doing anymore business with retailers who sold firearms to anyone under the age of 21. They also stated that they would not be doing business with any retailer who carried bump stocks or “high-capacity magazines.”

“We were heartened to see Bank of America join the list of companies stepping up to keep America safe,” Avery Gardiner, co-president of the anti-gun Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, stated to Bloomberg. “Why would anyone want to help finance assault weapons that are regularly used in mass shootings?” 

Conservative Tribune wrote, “But the move was decried by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which informed Bloomberg that the gun and ammunition industry contributed more than $51.1 billion to the economy in 2017. ‘We as an industry would welcome the opportunity to sit down with Bank of America executives and explain our industry’s perspective to discuss what really would work to keep firearms out of the hands of those who should not have them,’ said NSSF spokesman Michael Bazinet. ‘We should be part of the discussion.'”

The Second Amendment is at stake here, and we can’t let the left snuff it out entirely.