Sebastian Gorka Just Revealed Some Major News About Barack Obama on Live Television

Kirsters Baish| If you know anything about Sebastian Gorka, you know that he is a true American patriot who won’t back down from anyone. He understands that corruption within our government and deceit of the American people is very real, and totally unacceptable. Now that all of the leftists of America are praising former President Barack Obama for his presidency, the truth American patriots are coming forward to explain all that was wrong during those eight long years under Obama. And to be quite honest, there wasn’t much good that came out of his presidency.

Gorka appeared on Fox News to be interviewed on a sampling of different issues within our country. One of those issues and a main talking point was the use of the intelligence community and law enforcement during the Obama administration. What Gorka had to say tore Obama’s legacy down even further than it had already been torn down.

Gorka exclaimed, “What happened under the last eight years means that nobody is safe… when Obama was in charge, they used the intelligence community and law enforcement to target people that they politically disagreed with.”

Sometimes the truth hurts, and this is pure truth. Barack Obama never used his authority as President of the United States for anything good. His manipulation and corruption pushed any possible good out of the way. The man simply saw his political enemies as a threat and was willing to do anything in his power to target them, even if that meant taking advantage of the entire intelligence community as well as law enforcement such as the FBI.

It’s great to see someone like Sebastian Gorka coming forward to call out Obama for the stunts he pulled while in office. While this statement is extremely controversial, America needed to hear it. With all of the negative press on President Donald Trump, the mainstream media really should be focusing some of their efforts on explaining all of the horrific things that Obama did during his time in the Oval Office. The man is as corrupt as they come, but the media will never admit it. They will continue to push their sick liberal agenda down our throats until we choke on it. Let’s hope Obama is cowering under a rock right now.