Seattle Lawmakers Hoping to Minimize Opioid Epidemic With Injection Vans

Kirsters Baish| A Seattle council member has brought up the idea of handing out taxpayer-subsidized drugs to heroin addicts for the proposed city mobile “safe injection van” to utilize. Yup, these lawmakers are looking to put drugs right into the hands of drug addicts. Seattle lawmakers are trying to figure out the best way to create a safe injection area for the city’s drug addicts. reports:

After years of controversy, Seattle is moving forward on plans for a safe-injection site – and it won’t be in a building.

Meg Olberding with Seattle’s Human Services Department said in an email Thursday, “The City is now looking at a large mobile medical van that would go to the same site each day. It would move in the overnight hours for garaging and cleaning.”

The location where the safe injection van would be parked each day has not been decided. (The city calls it a “Community Health Engagement Location,” or CHEL.)

During a Thursday city council meeting, officials presented their idea of utilizing a mobile van which would be set up as a “mobile injection site” prior to being locked up in a guarded and secure area in the city at nights.

The council members tried calling the injection van a “medical RV,” however they explained that it would be a lot bigger and have area for recovery areas as well as injection booths, as reported by Kiro7.

These hypothetic safe injection vans are credited to cost American taxpayers over $4 million.

City council member Sally Bagshaw has been talking about this idea and suggests that the city give addicts heroin inside the “safe” sites.

KIRO reports that Bagshaw stated, “I hear from some of my most vocal opponents, that they don’t want their tax money going into buying drugs for people.”

“But I have heard of some other models where drugs are provided. And that’s a public safety model. Because those who may not have the money to buy drugs are not breaking and entering to obtain whatever they need to buy whatever it is they are using. I would like to explore this. Not to say we are going to land anywhere on the issue. But part of what we are trying to do is reduce crime as well,” Bagshaw reportedly stated.

There is not any activity in the works to fund the drug vans in the city of Seattle as of yet. Bagshaw stated that city officials should think about looking into the possibility of creating this kind of policy.

Western Journal reports:

Drug overdose deaths surged in 2016 by 21 percent, claiming more than 64,000 lives, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The increase is driven primarily by opioids like heroin and fentanyl, which claimed 42,249 lives in 2016, a 28 percent increase over the roughly 33,000 lives lost to opioids in 2015.

Deaths from synthetic opioids like fentanyl, which is roughly 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine, experienced a particularly dramatic increase, more than doubling from 9,580 lives in 2015 to 19,413 lives in 2016.

It was reported that this huge drug issue is playing a part in the falling life expectancy in our country. The average life expectancy in America fell not once, but twice since 2016. This was the first time since an influenza outbreak in 1962 and 1963.