Sean Hannity Issues Urgent Warning

Kirsters Baish| One of Fox News Channel’s top personalities, Sean Hannity, is probably one of the most well-known people on television in our country’s history. He recently released a monologue in which he expressed an important message directed at members of Congress.

We’re all aware the the next big move by President Trump is going to be advancing a tax reform plan for the people of our country. This new plan would aid so many people. Republican members of Congress are having issues coming to an agreement, just as they have in the cases of health care and immigration. Sean Hannity explained, “If this tax plan gets delayed to 2019 and you lose your majority in Congress next year, you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself.”

One of the biggest indues for the Republican Party over the last few decades has continually been tax reform. The move should be extremely easy, however there are so many disagreements about how the plan should be put into place. It isn’t a surprise that it’s all turned to blame and countless excuses. Congress has blamed their inability to come to a decision on tax reform on everyone else. Now, constituents are getting more and more frustrated.

Indecisive Congressmen have continually claimed that President Trump is pushing a deep divide in our country. They are claiming that this “divide” is stopping them from passing tax reform. They are simply playing the blame game. Hannity made a note that Congress has a responsibility to serve the American people. Their goal needs to be serving the people they are representing, not just representing their political party.

All Congress has been doing is using personal grudges against Trump to avoid getting anything done and diverting attention away from their inability to pass tax reform. One famous example of this is Senator John McCain’s choice to vote against repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Before Donald Trump came into office, McCain claimed that he was in favor of putting the nix on Obamacare. Then, when it came time to do so, he shot down repealing and replacing the plan because of what many believe to be a personal issue with President Trump. Congress should be working together to serve the people of America, but instead they are stuck on their own egos and a political popularity contest. The Left continues to oppose every single thing Trump does and says. They blame Congress’s ineffectiveness on him too.

Congress is dominated by Republicans at this point, and they should definitely be able to create reforms and legislation that has the American people in mind. Many are in desperate need of a tax break, but the Left would rather force the issue of a false narrative of Russian collusion. 

There are many Republicans who are using President Trump as a scapegoat as to why they can’t seem to pass an agenda that was mandated in the 2016 election. Hannity stated that it is not at all appropriate to play these kinds of political games. False narratives cannot dictate the way people think. All President Trump is trying to do is make our country more prosperous and rebuild the nation from the shattered mess it is right now. reported:

Hannity’s point remains, and the future of the Republican Party–and the country–is up to current Congressional Republicans. If they fail and start losing their seats, it won’t be President Trump’s fault nor the fault of the voters. They will have no one to blame but themselves.

Many Americans are hoping that Congress figures out their issues and starts to pass important measures like tax reform and repealing and replacing Obamacare. These kinds of actions will help the American people. Let it be known that Sean Hannity warned Republicans that if they do not act now, they can only blame themselves.