Scalise Unleashes Hell on Hillary Clinton After She Called for End of Civility in Politics, Inciting Violence Against Republicans

Kirsters Baish| What has happened to the Democratic Party? Democrats used to be against violence and war. Now it seems that they have started a civil war against Republicans. They have turned to violence to push their agenda, and they don’t care who they hurt in the process.

Just take a look at Antifa. This far-left domestic terrorist group has been breaking the law and committing acts of violence for years. As Antifa began to gain popularity, Democrat Keith Ellison actually came out in support of the group. Yeah, he came out in support of a terrorist group. Remember when Democratic Representative Maxine Waters pushed supporters to attack members of the Trump administration if they saw them in public? Angry liberals are constantly attacking Trump supporters. We hear stories about incidents like these happening just about every day. explains, “Democrats at the highest levels of the party are openly embracing a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude when it comes to political debate. Hillary Clinton is now on board.”

Hillary Clinton is ready to act violently. Twitter users were quick to respond to her disgusting comments.

One user wrote, “I’m sorry, did Hillary Clinton just encourage people to be violent and intimidating?”

Another user linked to the CNN interview and simply wrote, “Antifa Gam Gam.”

One user stated the obvious saying, “This is so irresponsible.”

Another response, “You really need to listen to the whole soundbite to get the radicalism of what Clinton is saying here. Not only is she attacking a normative foundation of democratic politics (which is civility to mediate political differences)…”

A user named Mollie wrote, “Is she feeling all right? This clip didn’t make a ton of sense. The animosity toward ‘irredeemable’ ‘deplorable’ fellow Americans is not news, but she seemed to lose the plot a bit here.”

“So Republicans cannot be civil with Democrats? Interesting,” another user sarcastically questioned.

Representative Steve Scalise simply wrote, “Seriously, Hillary?”

Scalise has the right to talk, too. He was nearly killed by a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Hillary Clinton seems to have lost touch with reality all together.