Retired Cop Blows Whistle on FBI For Signing Vegas Shooting Widows, Victims to Class Action Law Firms

Kirsters Baish| Lately it seems like the FBI is changing up their job description. The have been linking crime victims up with law firms rather than solving the crime itself. Some very unsettling revelations have surfaced from survivors and surviving family members of the Last Vegas mass shooting. This story is highly disturbing.

The details in this article are gathered from a long-time Las Vegas mainstay, Wayne Allyn Root.

Root expressed his grief in coming forward with the story that appears to be some very shocking government abuse. There is corruption and complete violation of trust. It’s extremely saddening to Root because he was a part of the federal institution that is in question. The FBI is now said to be involved in a national scandal that will leave Americans shocked and dismayed.

Root asked, Is the FBI now a telemarketing firm shilling for class action lawsuits at private law firms? If so, who is getting the kickbacks for these multi-million dollar settlements and awards?”

Longtime friend of Root, JP Hyan, is a former 20-year veteran of a Southern California law enforcement agency as well as a team leader of a SWAT team. Hyan retired and spent nearly 20 years acting as an investment manager for huge institutional clients. JP is a widely trusted man.

Unfortunately, JP’s nephew was one of the victims who lost his life at the Las Vegas massacre last month. He was shot in the torso while standing next to his wife. JP’s niece was left a widow with three children and no income. She spent a lot of last month meeting with FBI agents as both a witness and a victim.

This story is so ridiculous because of these facts. Root questioned, “Is it possible that our FBI uses the trust and bond formed with victims of violent crime and even mass murder, to sign these victims up as clients at private law firms?”

The story is that FBI contacted JP’s niece. The “Victims Specialist” who called her a week after the mass shooting found her in the most vulnerable and fragile times of her life.

The FBI “Victims Specialist” identified herself as someone employed by the FBI explained to JP’s niece that her main goal was to aid the families of victims, like JP’s niece, receive the monetary compensation “she needs and deserves.” The “Specialist” requested that JP’s niece sign a form and return it back as soon as possible to get the ball rolling.

The form was sent by an employee of the FBI, a government agency that has been trusted by the people of the United States for years. The form was a contract to join in a class action lawsuit against MGM and Mandalay Bay. The worst part? The contract was with two private law firms in Las Vegas and Las Angeles.

Root stated, “There is no mistake, or miscommunication, or he said, she said here. Ive seen the contract sent by the FBI to this widow. The FBI (or certainly this FBI employee) is clearly soliciting clients (the victims of the worst mass murder in US history) for a private law firm.”

There has got to be consequences for the FBI treating victims this way. Something must happen to fix this mess.