Representative Shot by Crazed Gunman Delivers Perfect Response to Florida Mass Shooting

Kirsters Baish| House Majority Whip Steve Scalise made an appearance on Fox News this past Thursday evening. During his time on the air, Scalise condemned Democrats and the liberal mainstream media for their response to last week’s mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. Scalise explained that the Democrats’ response of forcing gun control down everyone’s throats was simply inappropriate.

Scalise spoke with Fox News hose Laura Ingraham. He explained that the Democrats’ rhetoric was all wrong and it was sleazy that they politicized a tragedy the way they did.

He referenced the shooting this past week in addition to other shootings from the past saying, “(T)hey don’t know the fact of that particular event. And again, look at their bills, read their bills. They have nothing to do with these kind of shootings.”

Take a good look at the shooter from last week’s mass shooting. Nikolas Cruz was 19 years old when he walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and killed 17 people.

Conservative Tribune reported that Cruz did not have any criminal history. He was able to pass a background check and buy the guns that he used in the shooting.

I don’t see how any law could have stopped him from killing.

Scalise has been the victim of gun violence in the past. A crazed liberal made his way onto the baseball field where a congressional baseball practice session was being held last summer and shot Scalise. He explained, “(Y)ou go find your law that was going to prevent this or the next shooting.”

He went on, “And first of all, whatever criminal did these actions violated a whole host of other laws too. So, if you think there’s some magic unicorn law that’s going to stop it from happening, just keep in mind that he violated probably dozens of laws already, including murdering people. It’s against the law. So, this idea that one magic law is going to stop the next one from happening, it’s not.”

Essentially this means that criminals will break the law no matter what. They’re criminals, that’s what they do. This means that restricting gun regulations even more would not change the outcome of people like Cruz. Cruz is a criminal, and that is why he killed. All these restrictions do is prevent law-abiding Americans from protecting themselves.

You can watch the entire interview below:

Scalise also spoke about the left’s constant attacks on “thoughts and prayers” saying. He explained, “What I first think we need to do is pray for the people that died…the families too, and all of these kids, Laura. There were a lot of kids that witnessed this that are going to have this with them the rest of their lives.”

“The prayers helped me tremendously,” he continued, referencing what he had gone through after being shot last summer.

Taking into account that Scalise was a victim of gun violence, I think his perspective counts for more than someone who has never been the victim of gun violence. Maybe someone like former President Barack Obama who decided to push gun control on his own this week: