Reporter Asks Women’s Marchers What They’re Protesting… Things Go Exactly How You’d Expect

Kirsters Baish| As it turns out, the Women’s March which took place last weekend has almost nothing to do with women’s rights and women’s issues. It mostly seems to have more correlation with an extreme hatred for President Donald Trump and his followers.

Austen Fletcher, a street reporter who goes by “Fleccas,” made his way to the Los Angeles Women’s March on Saturday. His goal was to interview those participating in the march to find out exactly why they were protesting. The feminists (both men and women) who attended the event didn’t seem to have a very clear message. They spoke mostly about white guilt and the “right” to kill an unborn baby all the way up until birth. Then there was of course talk about the “gender pay gap.” And our very favorite topic was also discussed, the pure hatred for President Donald Trump any anyone who supports him and his administration. There were even signs which called for the murder of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Those marching in LA on Saturday proved to be some of the dumbest individuals on the planet. These people want to call themselves “empowered,” but we did not see anything said about the women who are currently suffering from the oppressive regimes all over the world. One woman was even holding up a sign of the famous image of a Muslim woman wearing the American flag as a hijab. This idiot actually stated that she was not out protesting in solidarity with the women in Iran…

Then, the girl next to the woman holding the hijab sign actually started defending the compulsory wearing of the hijab, which she claims only got a bad reputation from “white colonists.” Fleccas asked the young woman if the image of the woman wearing the American flag as a hijab could possibly be offensive to “Muslim women who are oppressed by the hijab.”

Her answer was one for the books. This woman actually answered Fleccas with, “So, obviously I’m not Muslim so I feel like I can’t speak for Muslim women, but I did take a Middle Eastern Studies class this past semester, and one of the things I learned is that the hijab really got a negative image from white colonists.”

Watch the cringeworthy video below: