President Trump Reduced National Debt Enough to Foot Bill for Wall in Just 2 Months

Kirsters Baish| In 2016, “expert” economists and analysts made a prediction that then presidential candidate Donald Trump’s tax trade and his regulatory policies would have a drastically negative effect on the United States’ economy. The also pushed that his policies would probably skyrocket our country’s national debt to even more than the $19.9 trillion it was at when Obama left office in 2017.

Quite the contrary has occurred since Trump took office in 2017. President Trump has successfully been cutting expensive regulations and rebuilding trade deals with other nations. He has been working on large tax breaks for corporations as well as individuals. Because of all of these components, our economy is flourishing for the first time in years.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The national debt has steadily increased from $19.9 to $21.1 trillion over that time as well, as could be expected — though not near as dramatically or at as high a rate as the “experts” had foretold.

Then something rather odd occurred between April and June of this year, as the growth rate of national debt seemed to flatten out and actually decrease somewhat over time.

According to a daily history of the national debt compiled by Treasury Direct, the national debt stood at $21,119,428,167,134.32 on April 2.

That amount fluctuated for several days before dropping substantially to a low point of $21,030,629,980,055.97 on May 1, prior to increasing somewhat, quite possibly the result of tax revenues flooding into the treasury over the course of the month.

As of June 1, the national debt stood at $21,083,101,841,090.82, a difference of $36.3 billion.

There are multiple reasons why the national debt continues to fluctuate, and it should be expected. While the left would love to blame Trump, they simply cannot, because we would have a world of blame to place on Obama. Trump’s policies have virtually nothing to do with the fluctuations in national debt. This being said, $36 billion is a significant amount of money, which could be utilized to go towards Trump’s other initiatives… like a border wall.

A 2017 Reuters report explained that the Department of Homeland Security had made public their official cost estimate for the border wall between the United States and Mexico. This Department of Homeland Security report accounted for the construction costs as well as materials worked into a three-year plan for construction. The estimate for the border wall ended up being roughy around $21.6 billion. Think about the money it would end up saving for us in welfare costs for illegal aliens. This alone would make it worth it to fund and build.

Conservative Tribune explains “that amount was more than realized in the reduction of the national debt over just a two-month period, proving it is not an impossible amount to find or make free from other obligations.”

The national debt is clearly still far too high, and as long as our welfare system is out of control and full of leeches, it will continue to climb. Part of the reason the national debt will continue to rise is due to Congress’s excessive spending in addition to programs that seem to drain the country’s pockets.

President Trump’s economic policies have been helping the economy when all is said and done. Both corporations and individual citizens feel the benefits from Trump’s policies via their increased tax revenues.

Trump is doing a great job so far, and his economic policies have been proving to work, despite what the left wants you to think.