President Trump Pulls the Plug on Obama’s “Bad Muslim Deal”

Kirsters Baish| Barack Obama’s last few days in office were some of the most counterproductive days any president has ever spent in office. All he was trying to do was further wreck our country which was once united. The disgusting things that Obama did before President Trump was inaugurated disgraced Americans. We are happy to say that there is one deal which Obama made that may not ever be enacted, and we couldn’t be more relieved.

There has been an increasing amount of terrorist activity from refugees around the world lately. Countries like Sweden, Germany, and England have been attacked regularly by Islamic extremists. We do not see an end to the violence and the hate. These countries have not put an end to their ridiculous refugee programs even though these programs are putting their citizens in grave danger. During Obama’s time in office America was in the same kind of danger. During his last days in the Oval Office, Obama worked hard to push through as many bad deals as he possibly could. He released countless terrorists form Guantanamo Bay and was also found to have given $418 million in weapons to Kenya.

One of the bad deals that Barack Obama made on his way out the door came after he made the decision to allowed thousands of rejected Muslims to flood our country. Then Secretary of State John Kerry pushed the deal through for Obama and tried to bring as many refugees as he could into America. These people came from places like Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sudan.

President Trump is ready to put an end to the disgusting deal, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Left is about to lose it.

Reuters reported that United States officials who interviewed refugees in an Australian-run offshore detention center vacated the center in a hurry. Three of the detainees released this information to Reuters this past Saturday. 

United States officials stopped the screening interviewed and left Nauru on Friday. This was two weeks before they were supposed to leave.

One refugee released information to Reuters after requesting to remain anonymous in order to not put his application for United States resettlement in jeopardy. He stated, “U.S. (officials) were scheduled to be on Nauru until July 26 but they left on Friday.”

A senior member of the union which represents refugee officers at United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, a Department of Homeland Security agency, explained to Reuters that his trip to Nauru was not continuing as planned.

Chief steward of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1924 Jason Marks explained to Reuters that his own trip has been pushed back indefinitely.

On Saturday the USCIS stated that the program would be continuing, but gave no more details.

The agency explained in a statement, “We do not discuss the exact dates of USCIS’ circuit rides to adjudicate refugees’ applications. However, we are planning return trips. It is not uncommon for the dates of tentatively planned refugee circuit ride trips worldwide to change due to a wide variety of factors.”

Freedom Daily reported:

The Australian Immigration Department declined to comment on the whereabouts of the U.S. officials or the future of a refugee swap agreement between Australia and the United States that President Donald Trump earlier this year branded a “dumb deal”.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said on Sunday the deal was progressing as expected, reiterating the government had assurances from the Trump administration.

“The quota will roll over again on October 1 as I said, and I expect that the United States will adhere to this agreement, as the president promised,” she told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

The deal should not go through by any means. We cannot be taking in these refugees. Why would we allow people from known terrorist hot spots to infiltrate our country? It’s time for Liberals to let go of this deal and realize that Barack Obama is no longer in office. President Trump is the man who will fix the issues that Obama created.