Poll Shows Two Thirds of Millennials Don’t Know What Auschwitz Was

Kirsters Baish| The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany released new survey on Thursday. This survey claims that 41 percent of American citizens do not know what Auschwitz was. These statistics include two thirds of all millennials asked. Around 22 percent of millennials who were asked had not even heard of the Holocaust. 41 percent of millennials polled thought 2 million or less people of Jewish descent were killed during the Holocaust. This is extremely scary to hear.

Finding out the results of this survey is actually very informative as well, however. Young Americans seem to lean heavily towards liberal ideologies, embracing the idea of large government.

The Daily Wire reported:

If you’d never heard of the genocide of the Jews by an all-encompassing state focused laserlike on race-based differences between people, you might be warmer to the notion that racial hierarchies in politics ought to exist. You might also be warmer to the claims of genocidal Islamist terror groups who claim that Israel is a land of victimizers. And if you’d never heard of the Soviet Union, you might be more sanguine about the possibility of socialism in the United States.

This is one reason of many as to why teaching history in our public schools is so important. In recent years, teaching in public schools has become more of an indoctrination than anything else. Students are exposed to revised history lessons which glorify liberals in history. Liberal advocates like Howard Zinn place their main focus on the sins of our country, but they don’t talk about the real history of “alternatives to the American way throughout the 20th century.”

Thursday is Yom Hashoah, or the Holocaust Remembrance Day, but it’s sad to see the West doing such a horrible job of honoring, or even remembering, what happened only two generations ago in Nazi Germany, “given its decision to look the other way at rising anti-Semitism in Europe and to side with the enemies of Israel in the state’s existential fight against genocidal Jew-hatred.”

The Washington Post reported:

Two-thirds of American millennials surveyed in a recent poll cannot identify what Auschwitz is, according to a study released on Holocaust Remembrance Day that found that knowledge of the genocide that killed 6 million Jews during World War II is not robust among American adults.

Twenty-two percent of millennials in the poll said they haven’t heard of the Holocaust or are not sure whether they’ve heard of it — twice the percentage of U.S. adults as a whole who said the same.

1,350 American adults were interviewed for the study in February. They were recruited via telephone and online non-probability sample.