Pastor Uses Perfect Words to Describe Trump’s Visit to His Texas Church During Flood

The media did all they could to try and paint Trump as a huge failure during the response to Hurricane Harvey.  Unfortunately for them, the truth always gets out …. always.
| Responding to President Donald Trump’s visit a day earlier to Houston to offer aid and comfort to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Pastor Ken Gurley of Houston’s First Church of Pearland described in vivid detail Sunday how it felt when the president stepped into his church.

“Everything in Houston has been just very dramatic, a lot of emotional struggles … to have the president, first lady, cabinet secretaries and others come, it was just a joy and it was like a shot of adrenaline,” he said on Fox News.

“He came across as very compassionate, as very concerned, extremely engaged in the process,” he added when asked about what had specifically inspired him about the president’s visit.

Listen to his full statement below:

According to CBS News, the president and his wife, first lady Melania Trump, traveled Saturday first to Texas and then Louisiana. In Texas he “met with victims at a shelter,” “neighbors in a residential block affected by the storm” and volunteers at Pastor Gurley’s church.

Continuing his discussion Sunday about the president’s trip, the pastor noted that after Hurricane Ike swept through southeast Texas in 2008, nobody seemed to care.

“The Monday morning after Ike was when Lehman Brothers went under and the financial panic began,” he said. “And we were lost, and basically no one communicated with us.”

But this time it’s been different: “To see an engaged administration come down, support the community of faith … and (Trump) walking into that room (in the church) and telling them that he’s with us, it was like the George W. Bush moment at 9/11.”

But the president did more than just speak. He also helped out. READ MORE