It’s Not Looking Good for Oprah: 12 Details She Can No Longer Hide

Kirsters Baish| The liberals of America have been going crazy over Oprah Winfrey’s ridiculous Golden Globes speech. Now, many Americans are beginning to take a closer look at the life of the talk show host, and there is a long list of things that aren’t going to bode well for her if she truly decides to run for president in 2020.

Mark Levin, popular radio talk show host, tore apart Oprah’s Golden Globes speech. He called the entire thing “grotesque.” Levin also reminded Americans that Winfrey spoke as if we were living in the 1940s when women and African Americans were looked at as second-class citizens. He went on to mention that Oprah ignored years of abuse by multiple Hollywood luminaries.

It wouldn’t be fair to simply write Oprah off as a presidential candidate just because she is famous. After all, our current president had his own television program, and his name has been well known around America for years. One of our country’s best presidents, Ronald Reagan was also an entertainer. There have also been multiple congressmen and senators who were athletes, television actors, or movie stars before they found their way into politics. So, this argument is invalid and unfair.

That being said, there is a lot of things that have happened in Oprah’s life that need to be brought to light. This woman should be forced to answer certain questions if she is seriously thinking about running for president.

A list was posted by Grabien News which contained 12 “skeletons” which Oprah Winfrey will be unable to keep hiding if she were to become a presidential candidate.

The first “skeleton” that Grabien reported on was one of Oprah’s most shocking secrets. It wasn’t too long go that the talk show host had to apologize after the facial cream she was promoting was found to have a disgusting ingredient. The cream Oprah was promoting was made from… discarded foreskins of babies. Winfrey had previously called SkinMedica’s anti-wrinkle cream a “magic foundation of youth.” 

She also admitted that she smoked crack when she was younger, then she blamed her drug usage on her emotional reaction to bad experiences she had with men. I wonder how someone who smokes crack as a result of a bad date would react to North Korea threatening our country with nuclear war…

Winfrey also used her talk show as a way to push business and personalities like “mediums” who say that they are able to speak to the dead. She also used her show to promote “doctors” who have made pseudo scientific claims. I don’t understand how she can be given a free pass after pushing these ridiculous ideas on her audience.

We can’t forget the big bombshell of 2017. Oprah’s close friend and confidant Harvey Weinstein was accused of rape. How can someone like Oprah who claims that she is a crusader for women’s rights be friends with a man who takes advantage of his status and money in order to sexually exploit women? She shouldn’t get a free pass on this one either.

Then there was the time that Oprah claimed that the only way for us to put an end to racism in the United States was “for racists to die.” I don’t think wishing death on someone you simply don’t agree with is very logical.

Let’s think back to the incident which took place in Europe when Oprah accused a store clerk of being racist and claimed that the clerk had mistreated her as a customer because she was black. There was no proof that Oprah was telling any version of the truth.

There are more details on Grabien’s list as to why Oprah needs to start answering questions, and I have to say that I strongly agree that if she is to run for president in 2020, she has got a lot of explaining to do.