North Dakota Farmer Plows “Build The Wall” Into Field in Support of President Trump

Kirsters Baish| Fox News has reported that a farmer by the name of Gene Hanson from Edgeley, North Dakota, has sent out an important message in support of President Donald Trump in a huge way. The gesture came after the President’s Oval Office prime-time address to the nation.

Fox News reports, “The retired 78-year-old Midwesterner, whom Trump called a ‘great American,’ plowed ‘Build the wall’ in his snow-filled property, spanning over two football fields.”

“President Trump, stand your ground and get-R-done,” Hanson said to Fox News.

The President posted to Twitter onMonday evening to thank America for “soooo many nice comments” regarding his speech on the ongoing border crisis.

The same North Dakota farm has used his plow and field to send messages to the country in the past, as well.

Fox reports, “In 2017, when a handful of NFL players were kneeling during the playing of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ Hanson plowed: ‘We stand for the National Anthem,’ which Trump noticed and shared on social media.”

In December of 2018, for Christmas, the farmer decided that the plow wasn’t enough to send a holiday message to the nation. Instead, he asked his neighbor to utilize his cows.

The farmers had the cows form the sign of the holy cross. Hanson stated that this act led many people to say, no pun intended, “Holy cow!”

At the time, Fox reported:

Gene Hanson, the North Dakota farmer whom President Trump called a “great American,” has created messages in his field before.

But this time instead of using his plow, he used his neighbor’s cows — approximately 150 of his young black Angus cattle — who live across the road from his farm in Edgeley.

“It’s the Christmas season,” Hanson told Fox News, “and I thought that would be really nice if he put the feed down in a sign of the cross and he did.”

Gene Hanson took a picture of his neighbor’s Angus cattle eating while forming the shape of a cross Wednesday, December 19. (Farmer Gene)

The retired great-grandfather wanted to form the cross to remind people of “the birth of Jesus” as the reason for the season.

“It’s just a Christian area,” he said.

Hanson also has a large cross erected in his own cow pasture, 25 feet tall and 15 feet wide, along U.S. Highway 281. He put solar lights on it so people can see it at night.

Gene and his wife, Darlene, also dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus every year for the “Christmas on Main” event in their town and visit the local nursing home.