Nikki Haley Takes UN By Storm… If You Don’t Move, Our Military Will

Kirsters Baish| The appointment of Nikki Haley as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations has been a high point in Trump presidency so far. She has been blunt and has not taken any nonsense since the start, and she just delivered another straight forward speech to the United Nations Security Council this past Monday. She reamed the council, placing them on notice for their failure to maintain a temporary cease-fire agreement in Syria. She called out Russia and Syria specifically in addition to Iran for their parts in the fighting violation of a recent Security Council resolution. 

Haley’s speech lasted about eight minutes, and during it she made an important point. That point was simple: If the United Nations isn’t planning on doing anything to deal with the contempt with which the Security Council resolution was treated by Russia and Syria, the United States military will.

Haley started out by reminding everyone of the promises Russia made in regard to enforcing the resolution. The resolution imposed a 30 day cease-fire in Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus. She pointed out that fighting and bombing was still happening even though Russia claimed to support the agreement.

She went on to note that both Russia and Syria had taken advantage of a loophole in the agreement which allowed military action to take place against terrorist organizations such as al-Qaida as well as the Islamic State group.

Haley stated, “This is no cease-fire. This is the Assad regime, Iran and Russia continuing to wage war against their political opponents. If we can’t save families that haven’t seen the sun for weeks because they have been hiding underground to escape barrel bomb, then the Security Council is as impotent as its worst critics say it is.”

Haley reminded the council of the United States missile strikes back in April of last year while responding to Syrian chemical attacks on innocent civilians saying, “When the international community consistently fails to act, there are times when states are compelled to take their own action.”

She continued, “We warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and inhuman suffering, most especially the outlaw Syrian regime, the United States remains prepared to act if we must. It is not the path we prefer, but it is a path we have demonstrated we will take, and we are prepared to take again.”

You can watch Haley’s tough speech here. Pay attention to the tone she has towards Russian and Syrian representatives while she calls them out for their actions in front of the council.

The Hill reported that Haley’s warning to the United Nations Security Council happened while reports were coming in of heavy fighting and bombings near and in Ghouta. 

French President Emmanuel Macron backed Haley up. Macron recently stated during a news conference that in response to chemical attacks in Ghouta, France was ready to carry our airstrikes and go to other measures in order to enforce the cease-fire.