Nikki Haley Puts Women’s Marchers to Shame With Single Photo From Afghanistan

Kirsters Baish| It’s hard to believe that it was already a year ago that angry feminists swarmed the streets around the world to participate in a serious of Women’s Marches. Their goal was unclear, but had something to do with the anti-Trump movement. Liberal celebrities gave ridiculous speeches while people paraded around in “p*ssy” hats.

It’s now a year later and President Trump is still our Commander in Chief. All in all, 2017 was a great year for our country politically and economically. It was exposed this year that the biggest group of abusers of women were the Hollywood elite. With such great success going along with their first march (note the sarcasm), marchers met up across the country again this past weekend with lower attendance than last year. The media did their best to hide the fact by posting headlines like the New Yorker’s “This year’s march was less an assertion of outrage and shell-shocked solidarity than a goal-setting exercise.”

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley sent out a tweet a few days prior to the marches. It turns out she had a couple of things to say involving goal-setting. Haley and other United Nations Security Council diplomats made their way to Afghanistan for a two-day trip in order to check out conditions there. Voice of America reported that Haley met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, and multiple Afghan officials. 

The meeting was arranged by the first lady of Afghanistan, Rule Ghani.

“Thank you First Lady Ghani for introducing us to this group of women,” Haley tweeted. She went on, “Today in Afghanistan, more girls are going to school & women are serving their government & starting businesses. They’re using the power of their voices to create a brighter future for their country.”

The marchers made their way to the streets there days after Haley’s tweet. Their intentions were clearly to benefit the Democratic Party.

Conservative Tribune reported:

That party’s last president, Barack Obama, pulled out of Afghanistan abruptly, leaving a power vacuum in which the Taliban was quickly resurgent. The Taliban, for those of you who with short memories, is a group that tends to frown upon women going to school, going to work, or going pretty much anywhere outside the home.

Razia Jan, who founded a girls’ school outside the Afghan capital of Kabul, described to CNN the horrors she and others who dared to educate young women faced on a daily basis.

“The day we opened the school, (on) the other side of town, they threw hand grenades in a girls’ school, and 100 girls were killed,” Jan said back in 2016. “Every day, you hear that somebody’s thrown acid at a girl’s face … or they poison their water.”

There were 185 documented terrorist attacks in Afghanistan on schools and hospital in 2015 alone. The majority of these attacks were attributed to groups that were against female education. Now, in 2018, Nikki Haley has explained that the United States strategy under the Trump administration is working hard. She has explained that the government in Afghanistan is “starting to see the Taliban concede, they are starting to see them move towards coming to the table.”

The women who gathered to participate in the Women’s Marches are the same women who will be voting for the party whose pull-out strategy was partly to blame for the misogynistic terrorism that has been plaguing Afghanistan. It’s time for Democrats to open up their eyes long enough to see the corruption within their own party. The Trump administration is doing everything they can to help aid everyone equally. Nikki Haley understands that.