NFL’s Anti-American Marshawn Lynch Just Ended His Football Career With Huge ‘F You’ To America At First Game

BAISH| Last year, running back Marshawn Lynch made it very clear that he wasn’t going to be supporting President Trump or anything he stands for. And in Lynch’s eyes, taking a seat for the National Anthem was an appropriate way to show his disdain for our president and our entire country. Lynch’s actions rubbed many Americans the wrong way. His first game back may actually be the catalyst to the end of his football career.

Lynch’s choice to sit during the National Anthem during the Raiders pre-season opening game against the Arizona Cardinals wasn’t a wise decision. The stunt happened at Lynch’s very first game in his Raider uniform, and it’s looking like it may have been his last.   

Lynch had previously retired from the Seattle Seahawks, but upon coming out of retirement he joined the Raiders in hopes of patching up his career. It seems as though his despicable display at his first game in uniform may serve to end his career instead. He has displayed bizarre behavior in the past, and his methods of dealing with the press haven’t exactly been the best, but his complete disrespect for America is taking it way too far.

Freedom Daily reported:

Preseason football games don’t usually feature the starting players. They get some playing time, but the first few games are mostly to decide which players take the final roster spots. 

The starting players generally get a bit more playing time near the last few preseason games, giving the starters some real live action repetitions vs the highest form of defense on the other teams. Lynch is well aware of how preseason games are outlined as he’s a once retired veteran and former all-star player. It doesn’t make sense that Lynch sat for the National Anthem out of being angry for lack of playing time, so that rules out any suggestion people may make in that direction.

The Raiders weren’t going to take any chances, so coach Jack Del Rio only used two offensive starters in Saturday night’s preseason-opening 20-10 loss to the Cardinals. Not only did quarterback Derek Carr, receivers Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree and running back Marshawn Lynch sit this one out, but Lynch sat on the bench during the national anthem.

It’s time to boot Lynch from the NFL all together. His lack of patriotism is unacceptable when the American game has given him so much to be thankful for.

American football fans are not going to support teams with players who clearly don’t support our country. Owners of football teams won’t stand to lose money, and that’s just what is going to happen if Americans start boycotting teams with anti-American players.

Jack Del Rio, the Raiders coach, spoke one on one with Lynch following the game. It was reported that they discussed lineup and that Del Rio specifically keeps his top players seated during the preseason to prevent them from becoming injured.

It was reported that Del Rio was taken aback by Lynch’s actions during the National Anthem. He was quoted saying, “this is something I have done for 11 years. It’s not a form of anything other than me being myself. I told him I very strongly believe in standing for the National Anthem. But I respect him as a man and he can do his thing.”

While Lynch is entitled to his own opinions, it doesn’t seem very American to sit during the National Anthem, and this is something many Americans might not be able to overlook. Del Rio should be very careful about how much faith he puts in Lynch, because all it takes is one anti-American player to ruin an entire team.