NeverTrumper Admits Trump Has Done More for America Than He Ever Thought Possible

Kirsters Baish| During the entirety of the 2016 presidential election, multiple establishment Republicans as well as “true” conservatives dubbed the name “NeverTrumpers” and said that they would never support the candidacy of Donald trump. The large majority of American citizens who had some concerns about Trump still voted for him over Hillary Clinton. The #NeverTrump movement came to a grinding halt on November 8, 2016 when Trump was named as the next President of the United States. There are still some, however, who continue on with their hatred towards our Commander in Chief and have joined the “resistance” of the left against Trump.

National Review editor Rich Lowry was a man who lagged a little behind other former NeverTrumpers, however, he has now tried to remove himself from his previous stance as he has made public comments about what a great job President Trump has been doing while spending his first year in the Oval Office.

Watch the video below and see how the former NeverTrump Rich Lowry explained why he gave Trump an “A+” grade for his first year in office to MSNBC “Morning Joe” hosts.

“I’ve been wrong about two things with this presidency,” Lowry started off. “One, I though we’d see really unorthodox policy and an unorthodox approach to the agenda, whereas its been an utterly conventional Republican agenda, with some exceptions. And on some things like energy, deregulation, judges … we really have seen like an ‘A+’ agenda.”

Joe Scarborough could barely contain his distaste for the things that were coming out of Lowry’s mouth. He quickly jumped at the chance to bring up that “ideologically” conservatives have been waiting for a good tax policy, regulatory policies, as well as solid conservative judges.

At Hot Air, there was another NeverTrumper who has not strayed away completely from the anti-Trump agenda. This person is Allahpundit. Allahpundit pointed out that even though there has been failure to repeal Obamacare thus far, there is a lot that Trump achieved during his first year that we should be thankful for.

AP stated, “We’ve gotten tax cuts, some deregulation, a crop of mostly solid judges capped by Neil Gorsuch, the continued eradication of ISIS, and a Dow that seems to set a new record every week.”

The biggest fear of those who call themselves NeverTrumpers hasn’t happened yet. There has been no major trade war with China or any nuclear exchange with dictator-run North Korea. President Trump has not begun to govern like a Democrat and he has stuck to the Constitution.

Conservatie Tribune wrote:

If not for the tweets — “OMG, the tweets!!!” — more NeverTrumpers might be compelled to shed the “never” from their title going forward, as Lowry appears to have done.

In truth, though Trump may not be a “true conservative” per se, he has nevertheless assembled an astonishingly conservative cabinet that is implementing an incredibly conservative agenda — one that has unmistakably brightened our nation’s future.

Through Trump’s policies, the military is being rebuilt and strengthened, as is the economy via deregulation and lower taxes, as well as the judiciary branch with originalist Constitutional judges.

We still need to wait it out to see if the rest of the NeverTrumpers in the movement will come around and admit that they were wrong about President Trump. They warned us about him in 2016, making false claims about the kind of things he would do while in office, but we haven’t seen any of these negative things being carried out. All Trump has done is work on fixing the issues that the presidents before him left behind.