Nancy Pelosi Calls Deaths of Americans Like Ronil Singh Are “Tragic”… But Refuses to Call Situation a “Crisis”

Kirsters Baish| Democratic Representative of California/House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supported the Democratic Party’s stance, in which they claimed that the problem taking place at our country’s southern border is a “manufactured crisis” that was created by President Donald Trump and his supporters. Pelosi claimed that there isn’t enough data on Americans who have been impacted negatively by illegal migrants to support the Republicans’ claim that there is, in fact, a border crisis.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Daily Caller asked Pelosi at her weekly presser if she would still describe the border issue as a “manufactured crisis” to people who have lost relatives to overdoses from the drugs flowing across the border, or to families that have lost loved ones to crimes by illegal immigrants, like Corporal Ronil Singh’s. Singh was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien during a traffic stop in California in December.

Pelosi stated, “What I would say to families like that is what I would say to the president regularly. These are tragic situations. There’s a tragic situation at the border. Two little children died in the custody of Border Patrol but the plural anecdote is not data.”

“And as painful and as horrible one death is, whether it’s the corporal or whether it’s the children, but the fact is we have to have public policy that secures our border and there’s what the president is proposing will not eliminate those possibilities,” she added.

The California Democrat claims that her Party supports border security, but she also claims that Trump is lying about the closed-door meetings that he has had with both her and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer regarding funding the border wall.

“He has not told the truth when he said he asked me if, in 30 days, I would support border security and I said no. He knows the people in the room know that that was not what happened. What he said in 30 days will you support the war, and I said ‘no.’ He went out and said something completely different because he knows he knows we all support border security and that there’s a better way to do it,” Pelosi said.

“He talks about drugs coming into the country 90 percent of the drugs come in through the ports of entry. So what we are proposing is to build the infrastructure of the ports of entry strengthen that- the ports of entry,” she went on.

Pelosi also went on to state that the Democrats are asking for hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on scanning technology in order scan cars crossing the border for “drugs and contraband and weapons.”