Martin Luther King Jr’s Nephew Calls Trump a “Genius”… CNN Anchor’s Response is Priceless

Kirsters Baish| Lefist CNN host Don Lemon has made a name for himself after appearing on air drunk on New Year’s Eve. Now, he has literally lost his mind after having heard that one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s nephews praised President Donald Trump and called him a “genius.”

The “Russian collusion” accusation is completely and entirely failed in bringing down President Donald Trump. So, the mainstream media is in a frenzy in order to change back to their original accusation that Trump is a “racist.” After a recent closed door meeting during which accusations were made that Trump called Haiti and other African nations “s***hole countries,” the left has been shoving the racism card in our faces. 

Following the accusations against President Trump, there has been no proof to back up the claims. Lemon had a full blown meltdown after Martin Luther King Jr.’s nephew, Isaac Newton Farris Jr., joined him for an interview in which he spoke about his uncle’s legacy. Lemon is known to be extremely left-wing in his politics. He pressed Farris on President Trump. When Farris would not call President Trump a racist, Lemon continued to badger him for the entire interview.

Lemon brought up President Trump in their conversation, to which Farris explained that he did not see Trump as a racist. He stated directly to Lemon, “The President, I do not think, is a racist.” Lemon had a shocked look on his face.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s nephew added that if our Commander in Chief did use the word “s***hole,” it was actually out of ignorance, not racism. 

It didn’t take long for the liberal CNN host to lose his mind on air. Lemon didn’t hesitate to jump into a list of Democratic talking points against President Trump. The list included President Trump’s campaign claim that some illegal aliens are in fact criminals. Lemon also bashed President Trump for calling phony Native American Indian Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.”

Before you watch the video of Don Lemon’s total meltdown, you should keep in mind that President Trump was entirely correct about all of the criminals illegally making their way into the United States. In a newly released report, it was found that the so-called DREAMERs have crime rates of double the crime rates of American-born citizens.

Mediaite reported that Lemon ranted:

“Just because the president is not aware of his racism doesn’t make him not a racist. It makes him ignorant of the fact that he is racist. To be honest, it is tough to sit here and call President of the United States a liar. It is tough to sit here and call the President of the United States a racist, but you have to do that as a journalist. And guess what? You do it because you realize the person who is in that position has less respect for the office than you do, because if he respected the office and if he respected all of America and all of American people then he would listen to the majority of black people and brown people in this country who are trying to educate him and tell him he is exhibiting racist behavior. he’s not listening. he keeps doubling down on it.”

Lemon actually apologized afterwards for even having Farris on the show in the first place. Internet commentator Mark Dice also found it hilarious that Lemon actually tried to force one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s relatives to trash our President.