After Months Of Bashing Our President Loudmouth Liberal Jerry Brown Suddenly Begging Trump For Help

Kirsters Baish| Surprise, surprise, loudmouth Democrat Jerry Brown’s actions over the last six months have come back to bite him right in the butt. He has been burning bridges and doing anything and everything to challenge President Trump. The tables have turned dramatically and now the California governor needs Federal help.

Brown didn’t seem to have an issue with running his mouth when President Trump made the decision to pull out of the Paris Accord. What he didn’t seem to keep in mind was the fact that Congress had never even authorized it as an official Treaty. This guy is really something else. He didn’t think twice when he scoffed at President Trump when it came to Immigration and Sanctuary cities. He would rather have our country overrun with criminal illegal immigrants instead of fixing things for American citizens.

The icing on top of the cake was when Eric Holder’s law firm actually paid $25,000 per month funded by California taxpayers to fight against President Trump’s policies. If California plans on reopening specific questions that never got answered during the Obama administration they might want to figure out a backup plan for Holder.

Now the tides have shifted. Suddenly, the regulations that Jerry Brown’s own party had put into place are becoming more of a burden than anything else. While San Joaquin Valley in California remains heavily polluted, Brown is now looking for help from an unexpected source… President Donald Trump. He is requesting help from President Trump while the city becomes more and more stuck in its own pollution and faces more and more federal fines.

Even though the city has spent over $40 billion already on enforcing anti-pollution policies, their skies have proved to be dirtier than ever… and their governor doesn’t seem to care. He continues to trudge on to firm up air quality standards that their district simply cannot meet. It seems to me that this situation is all too familiar to the Paris Agreement that President Trump discarded. With punitive fines and zero results, why would we have stayed a part of such an agreement?

Just six months into Trump’s presidency Brown is asking for his help. It’s almost laughable how things have ended up for the loudmouth governor. Brown has to realize that he isn’t dealing with Obama. President Trump is a man who negotiates vigorously, and has done more negotiating over his career as a businessman than any of these politicians have done in a lifetime. On top of that, Brown now looks like a total loser, begging on his hands and knees for help from the very man he has been bashing for months.

USA Politics Today wrote:

Let’s talk about ‘concessions’, Jerry Brown.

You’re ‘coming around’ to the idea of deregulation.

You ‘like’ the idea of scrapping fines — or at least avoiding their consequences.

What’s this help WORTH to you?

Let’s talk about walls. And immigration.

Let’s talk about a world of possibilities, and JUST how much NOT feeling the weight of your own Party’s bureaucracy is worth to you.

Jerry Brown has succeeded in making himself look like a total buffoon, and we love to see him squirm. I wonder how President Trump will react to his requests. Only time will tell.