Here You Have it: The List of Senators Who Voted Against President Trump’s CIA Nominee

Kirsters Baish| Why is it that the liberal left loves to claim that they are the political party that best supports women? They even call themselves the “party of women.” When it actually comes down to putting their money where their mouths are, they seem to fall short of the name they have granted themselves. It seems that the rules don’t apply when it comes to conservative women. So, is it that the Democratic Party is the party of Liberal women, not all women. The press constantly has a field day making fun of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. They pick on her weight, her accent, every aspect of her physical appearance, and her politics. Hardly the brand of women’s rights supporters that they claim to be. It seems that President Trump just made an epic move that the left can’t argue with. He nominated a candidate who, if elected, would be the first female to ever lead the CIA.

You’ll never guess which party voted against her… yup, the Democrats.

Roughly two months back, President Trump nominated Gina Haspel as his candidate to head the CIA. If Haspel is confirmed, she will be the very first female to ever head the CIA. It isn’t crazy to think that the Democrats would back his decision, as they are the “party of women”… right? Wrong, the Democrats are the ones voting against Haspel.

Conservative Cash writes:

This week, Haspel’s nomination finally made it out of the Senate committee tasked with approving her nomination. And guess which party mostly wouldn’t vote for her. Yeah, that same Democrat “party of women.”

As BizPacReview reported:

Every Republican member of the committee voted in favor, including two Democrats — Sens. Mark Warner of Virginia and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Four Democrats and one independent voted against Haspel, including:

Dianne Feinstein of California
Ron Wyden of Oregon
Kamala Harris of California
Martin Heinrich of New Mexico
Angus King of Maine, who is an independent
Feinstein’s vote was not unexpected, although she said she was open to hearing Haspel out when her nomination was first brought up.
We should also note that like all “independents,” Angus King is really just a Democrat because he never sides with the GOP on anything. Ever.

The only obvious reason that the left is voting against Haspel is because they are out to get President Trump in any possible way they can.

Under Feinstein’s leadership, the Senate Intelligence Committee launched an investigation into the CIA’s interrogation as well as their detainment program that was used for terrorists back in 2014. The Senators found that the suspects were both sleep deprived for as much as a full week at a time and threatened during their time in custody.

In the report was also details about how the CIA’s medical aides okayed these methods. Some of the methods used included “rectal feedings” and “rectal hydration.” One CIA official explained that this was a way to take “total control over the detainee.”

Trump’s nominee explained that she would not follow these kinds of orders. For the left to blame her for the fact that these methods were used in the past is totally unfair. She didn’t come up with these methods.

Despite the backlash from the left, it seems that Haspel has a good chance of being approved after the Senate calls for a final vote.