Liberal Celebrity Ed Asner States “Right-Wingers’ Don’t Understand the Constitution”

Kirsters Baish| Here we go again with another left-wing nutcase insulting conservatives and calling us stupid. 88-year-old actor Ed Asner has smugly stated that all right-wingers don’t understand the Constitution. Asner has been involved with Democratic and Socialist causes for years, and he is a 9/11 truther. His most recent hit was the Disney Pixar movie, “Up.” He is most famously known for his time on the Mary Tyler Moore show.

Asner was recently interviewed about his new book, “The Grouchy Historian: An Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-Wing Hypocrites and Nutjobs.” I’m not sure that Asner understands the Constitution at all. He claims that he wrote the book because, “If right-wingers truly understood what the Constitution meant, they wouldn’t use it as a crutch every time they screw over the poor and the disenfranchised.”

This sad little man has spent his entire life pretending to be someone who he is clearly not. Now, he is claiming that he is an expert on the Constitution as well as an expert on the inner thoughts of every single right-wing supporter in our country. These are some pretty bold claims.

I’m not against anyone having an opinion when it comes to politics. After all, politics have an effect on every single one of our lives, so we should all care about what goes on. But, the place for your opinion when you’re an actor is at the voting booth. Asner is experienced in entertainment, so I’m sure he’s used to hearing praise. He is expecting praise for his political standing, and he isn’t about to get it.

This guy actually believes that the group who is the biggest misinterpreter of the Constitution is the NRA. He has been quoted calling the popular gun club “the worst offender.” He also accused the GOP of using the NRA to “advance their own agenda.” His ridiculous example doesn’t have a lot in common with Republican or rifles at all. He stated, “A government needs to collect taxes in order to survive, but the recently passed tax bill in the Senate is so tilted towards the rich and corporations that some industry leaders, like the head of the largest coal company in America, predict it will bankrupt them.”

I’m not sure Ed understands what he’s saying. He is claiming that the federal government is in need of money so Trump is bankrupting coal companies. He then claims that Trump supporters “like his jack-booted style.” This phrase has been used in the past to insult someone by insinuating that they are a fascist or a Nazi.

Asner needs to stick to the facts rather than coming up with ridiculous insults. The actor then made the bold statement that Republicans probably liked his character on the Mary Tyler Moore show, saying that if you didn’t like the show you’re “just plain un-American.”