Kissinger Calls Trump’s Foreign Policy Style “Remarkable and New… People Need to Open Their Eyes”

Kirsters Baish| We have been given an entirely new understanding of President Donald Trump’s new foreign policy, and that new understanding has come from none other than Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

He stated, “Liberals and all those who favor (Hillary) Clinton will never admit it. They will never admit that he is the one true leader. The man is doing changes like never before and does all of it for the sake of this nation’s people. After eight years of tyranny, we finally see a difference.”

Kissinger then goes on to explain just how President Trump is working to make this happen. He went on to explain something a little more deeply. “Every country now has to consider two things: One, their perception that the previous president, or the outgoing president, basically withdrew America from international politics, so that they had to make their own assessments of their necessities. And secondly, that there is a new president who’s asking a lot of unfamiliar questions. And because of the combination of the partial vacuum and the new questions, one could imagine that something remarkable and new emerges out of it.”

He made no qualms about bluntly stating how President Trump is following through on his campaign promises and putting “America and its people first.” Kissinger explained that this is the very reason that people love and support President Trump.

The former Secretary of State once explained that he and Nixon had felt that it was important to convince Brezhnev that the United States president was unpredictable and able to do anything. President Trump has been holding North Korea back and has been able to get China to accept sanctions on its people and companies who conduct business with Pyongyang.

When President Trump brags about having a “bigger red button” than North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un does, the mainstream media claims that he is being overly aggressive. How can you be overly aggressive with a dictator? All Trump is doing is reminding everyone exactly what the United States is capable of.

Kissinger had once written, “(T)he weak grow strong by effrontery. The strong grow weak through inhibition.” This one sentence truly describes the relationship between the United States and North Korea.

President Trump is abandoning the hunch and calling out North Korea’s military and their leader. This is exactly what Kissinger would have done if he was in the same position.

Western Journal reported:

His point is that the contrast of American retreat under Obama and its new assertion of power under Trump creates a new dynamic that every one of our allies and of our enemies must consider.

They grew complaisant with Obama’s passivity and now are fearful due to Trump’s activism. And they must balance the two in developing their policies.

They realize that the old assumptions, catalyzed by Bush 43’s preoccupation with Iraq and Obama’s refusal to lead are obsolete. So, Trump is forcing a new calculus with a new power behind American interests.

Kissinger said it best. He called Trump “the one true leader” when it comes to world affairs currently. This means that America has truly done something right.