Justice is Served: Anti-Kavanaugh Protester Who Attacked Elderly Man Confronted by Authorities

Kirsters Baish| Why does it seem like liberals will literally kick and scream until they get their way? Oh wait, that’s because they often do. One unhinged anti-Kavanaugh protester decided that she was going to take out her frustration over the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice’s confirmation by attacking an elderly man.

We saw the beginning of the era of extreme violence from liberals during the 2016 presidential election. While there were attacks on police and some hostile attacks based on politics from the left prior to the election, out of control protests seemed to become more of a trend after Trump was elected.

The trend of violence continues with Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Protesters were coming together outside of the Supreme Court building when a young liberal woman set her sights on an elderly man. She and another anti-Kavanaugh protester began mocking the man and dancing around him. They started beating at his signs, while others came to help the man, who was clearly being harassed.

Someone took a video of the incident and posted it on Twitter. It went viral almost instantly, exposing the liberal bully.

Conservative actor James Woods, who is known for trolling liberals on the internet, decided to help spread the video:

Others retweeted Woods’ tweet, spreading it around even more.

There is a nugget of justice in this instance, however. Ruptly tweeted out a photo show that the liberal protester was later retrained by police, her hands zip-tied together.

While it is unclear if she was actually arrested, she was definitely removed from the property.

As The Daily Wire wrote, “Capitol Police said officers arrested 164 people on Saturday as hundreds of protesters hopped barricades to protest at the Capitol. Dozens more protested on the steps of the Supreme Court, where the incident took place.”

After eight long years of Obama, things are beginning to change. Liberals are going to be able to get away with less and less as President Trump continues to make a deeper impact on our great nation. Our booming economy, conservative Supreme Court, the lower taxes we are seeing, among other improvements are truly helping us advance.

Even seeing one liberal held accountable for their actions is encouraging.