Just In: Chuck Norris’s Wife Poisoned

Kirsters Baish| Movie hero and conservative actor Chuck Norris is in need of prayers after his beloved wife was poisoned during a medical procedure. Norris came forward to talk about the struggles his wife is going through with the rare disease she suffers from. The disease is the direct result from being poisoned by an injection that she was given before having an MRI done to check for rheumatoid arthritis.

The Daily Mail reported that 54-year-old Gena Norris has been riddled with horrible symptoms from the heavy metal-rich dye that is used to highlight patients’ internal organs for more than four years. The couple is now working to bring awareness to other people about these dangers.

The injection that poisoned Gena is known commonly as a contrast agent. It helps allow doctors to get a clearer picture of organs, blood vessels, and soft tissues. This better allows them to diagnose ailments. The agent that was used on Gena had gadolinium in it, which is naturally magnetic. Unfortunately, the procedure that took place in 2013 turned her life upside-down.

In the Spring of 2014 Gena fell horribly ill after three gadolinium injections in eight days were administered to her. She tested positive for rheumatoid factor, which is sometimes a marker for the condition. Doctors were looking for signs of inflammation. It only took a few hours after the first injection that Gena felt her body was on fire. She stated that it felt “as if acid had been passed through it.” The burning kept spreading. Within a few weeks she was taken to the hospital six separate times. She had severe rib pain, breathing issues, full-body tremors, muscle weakness, and joint pain. Doctors were at a loss.

Gena explained, “Before this, I was a vibrant person. In fact, I’d say my health and fitness levels would have put me in the top 10 percent of people in the world back then.”

Gena and Chuck worked around the clock to figure out where her symptoms came from, but everyone was at a loss. Doctors and radiologists denied that the injection could have caused these problems. Gena eventually came across a website discussion about gadolinium poisoning and its effects.

The symptoms included nerve pain, brain fog and musculoskeletal problems such as muscle weakness — were worryingly familiar, and she became convinced there was a link. “I asked about the injections at the time, but was told they were perfectly safe and I just had to drink water and the contrast agent would be out of my system in a few hours,” she explained.

Gena and Chuck reached out to multiple medical clinics, but no one was able to help them. They eventually found a place in Reno, Nevada which offered to help with her condition.

Gena explained, “By the time I reached the clinic — weeks after I had the injections — I had lost 15lb and was finding it hard to swallow — I had to be fed baby food.”

She wasn’t in the clear, however. She was administered IV treatment at the clinic called calcium EDTA. The chemical salt separates heavy metals from dyes and is also used to treat lead poisoning.

It took five month, but Gena began to feel some relief.

After four years, she’s doing much better than she was. She still goes for regular treatment and stem cell therapy.

The couple filed a lawsuit last week against the manufacturers of the chemical that poisoned Gena. Let’s hope Gena fights her way out of the pain completely, and this doesn’t happen to anyone else.