Judge Sticks it to LGBT Activists in Special Ruling for Bakery Owner

Kirsters Baish| In a world where it seems like we are always having to cater to the wants of liberals so they don’t get offended, one judge just made a very important ruling. This time, a Christian cake shop owner has come out on top… and it happened in the least likely state… California.

It all started in August of 2017. The Bakersfield Californian reported that Christian baker and owner of Tastries Bakery, Cathy Miller, declined to bake a wedding cake for Mireya and Eileen Rodriguez- Del Rio. 

The lesbian couple did not want to take Miller’s “no” as an answer, so they decided to file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. They accused Miller of violating the Unruh Civil Rights Act. This state law stops discrimination based on things such as sexual orientation. The DFEH followed through with the suit against Miller.

It is now 2018, and this past Monday, the case hit a breaking point. Kern County Superior Court Judge David Lampe actually sided with Miller in the ruling, going against the DFEH and the lesbian couple. The ruling was in defense of religious liberty.

The Bakersfield Californian reported that Judge Lampe stated, “A wedding cake is not just a cake in a Free Speech analysis. It is an artistic expression by the person making it that is to be used traditionally as a centerpiece in the celebration of a marriage. There could not be a greater form of expressive conduct.”

Lampe continued on to explain that this didn’t stop DFEH from seeking to “compel Miller against her will and religion to allow her artistic expression in celebration of marriage to be co-opted to promote the message desired by same-sex marital partners, and with which Miller disagrees.”

The thing that differentiated this case from another is the fact that the cake was not already baked. It’s not as though Miller refused to sell a cake that was already made to the couple. She simply would not custom bake a cake for a gay wedding as it goes against her religious beliefs.

DFEH wasn’t just “petitioning the court order” so Miller would bake a cake. They were demanding that the court tell Miller that she had “to use her talents to design and create a cake she has not yet conceived with the knowledge that her work will be displayed in celebration of a marital union her religion forbids.”

Lampe finished off by saying, “For this court to force such compliance would do violence to the essentials of Free Speech guaranteed under the First Amendment.”

Lampe’s ruling went on to note that the legal system in our country is obligated “to protect Free Speech, regardless of whose foot the shoe is on.”

This is one case in which justice was actually served. Miller has every right to protect her religious beliefs. She is under no obligation to personalize a cake for a gay couple. It’s great to see that the court recognized this… for once.