John McCain Rushes Back to Senate to Stab Trump in the Back

Kirsters Baish|

So, we all know that John McCain was the saving grace for Republicans when he showed up to help repeal ObamaCare. Without him, we would have been in deep sh*t. On the flip side, his speech wasn’t exactly supportive towards President Donald Trump. McCain clearly made some brutal attacks directly straight at Trump during his speech. Although McCain was clearly trying to rally the Senators to repeal ObamaCare, there was more to the speech than everyone seemed to notice.

Senator McCain made it crystal clear that although he does not agree with ObamaCare, and he does agree with repealing it, he doesn’t support the actual bill that Republicans are working to pass. He even stated that he believes that it will fail. He went on to explain his interpretation of the bill as a piece of legislation that was secretly created with President Trump. He even went on to say that Trump’s attitude of “getting something done” is not good.

McCain just kept delivering his backhanded remarks aimed right at President Trump. Perhaps his biggest blow to Trump was when he bashed his wall idea. McCain stated that America wasn’t about tearing walls down, not about “Building Walls.” McCain made himself look like a total jerk, and honestly, like a liberal. Somehow, he felt that comparing a wall built to protect our borders to social walls was appropriate. The two are definitely not the same at all. I didn’t really expect anything less of McCain after he funded the completely false dossier on President Trump.

Although McCain is correct in saying that Congress must work together in order to see results and create a workable healthcare plan, I can’t back up the backhanded remarks he made about our president. His bias against President Trump was all too obvious, and he should have worked much harder to keep it under wraps.

In my honest opinion, Senator McCain should focus on his health at this point and give up his political career.