Jim Carrey Loses it… Demands Republicans Be “Removed” So Democracy Can Live on

Kirsters Baish| We’ve witnessed the downward spiral of Liberal actor Jim Carrey for a while now. He has had a lot of issues lately in struggling with his sanity, but the tweet he just posted really pushed him over the line in my mind. This man is so anti-Trump and so against the Republican Party as a whole that he seems to have lost sight of the big picture. His views have become so bizarre that we are not quite sure how to respond to them.

This past Wednesday came one of the most bizarre tweets from the actor. He posted a drawing of Republican lawmaker Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The image had a caption along with it that read:

“The GOP and WH have become sinister conclaves of souless traitors, liars and thieves – a gangrene we must remove so democracy can live.” He added the hashtag “#killthebill”

You can see the image for yourself:

Jim Carrey didn’t give details about the bill that his tweet was referring to. But, if we take into account the tweet along with the drawing that he posted as well as the fact that the GOP tax plan was passed early on Saturday morning, we could take a stab at it.

This isn’t a new occurrence for Carrey though. He has made a habit of attacking President Trump and the entire Republican Party in the past as well. His trademark seems to be using odd artwork to get his point across, but in reality all it does is make him look more crazy.

In August of this year, the actor made the announcement that President Trump was going to a rally in West Virginia to “eat a baby.” Obviously this man has some mental issues.

Thank God Jim Carrey and the rest of Hollywood really have no say in what goes on in our government. The “artwork” that he chooses to share is simply tasteless and honestly not very well done. Our country’s political future has nothing to do with these strange individuals.

Conservative Tribune wrote:

Carrey’s world — the Madonnas, the Bruce Springsteens and all the liberal media elite, did their best to swing the country onto an irrevocable path downward by getting Hillary Clinton elected in 2016.

What these Hollywood actors have to keep in mind is that Donald Trump is indeed President of the United States, and millions of Americans voted him into that position. Their viewpoints literally have no effect on what will happen in our country. Clearly, they don’t seem to understand this, and it doesn’t seem like they will stop trying to knock him down any time soon.

Leftists like David Letterman, Rosie O’Donnell, Kathy Griffen, and Jim Carrey will continue their political rampages, but we have already won the battle. Now it’s time for Trump to win the war for us.

It’s time for all of us who support President Trump to fight back against these nutcases.