Illegal Immigrant Opens Fire on Texas Interstate Drivers with Assault Rifle — Child Shot in Head

Kirsters Baish| This past Saturday, an illegal immigrant by the name of Rolando Martinez was taken into custody after deciding to randomly fire an assault rifle at drivers on a Texas freeway. Reports indicate that Martinez was under the influence at the time of the attack in which he shot a seven-year-old girl in the head. The young child is in critical condition.

KXAN reported that authorities identified the man accused of shooting at passengers driving down the 18-mile stretch of Interstate 35 on Saturday morning. He was wielding an assault rifle. Late on Sunday evening, 25-year-old Rolando Martinez was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This is a second degree felony. Four innocent bystanders including a seven-year-old girl were shot. The child is in critical condition as of Saturday evening. Police in Austin have released to the public that the shooting started around 2 a.m. on Saturday and ceased around 3:15 a.m. 911 calls rolled in from numerous bystanders along I-35 from south Austin all the way to Stassney Lane. Austin Police Assistant Chief Joseph Chacon stated on Saturday, “We have a lot of crime scenes. We have several people that were injured in this.”

KXAN also spoke with one of Martinez’s sisters. They found out that he is the oldest of six children in his family. His sister claimed her brother was a happy, calm person, and she was shocked to hear the news. His sister explained that she is “not sure what went wrong that night.” She also explained that the family has not had the opportunity to speak with the eldest son. Martinez’s bail is set at $1 million, and according to Travis County Jail records, he has an Immigration and Naturalization Service detainer out on him.

This story is incredibly sad, and we are left wondering just where the mainstream media is. Why aren’t they standing up for the innocent seven-year-old girl who was shot in the head by this illegal immigrant. Why is the mainstream media ignoring this story?

The Hill wrote that the job magnet is working to make it impossible to secure the Southwest border. The amount of jobs in the United States brings immigrants who are looking for work and are willing to do anything to infiltrate the border. Congress has tried desperately to stop the job magnet by establishing employer sanctions with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. In theory, the Act was established so that if employers were sanctioned for hiring illegal immigrants who don’t have work authorization, they would cease hiring them. The Act was expected to stop an entirely new group of undocumented illegal immigrants from taking over for the ones IRCA was planning on legalizing.

The plan failed miserably. Around 2.7 million illegal aliens were legalized. By the start of 1997, these illegals had been replaced by a whole new group of illegals. The reason the plan failed was because sanctions were not applied on a large-scale, nationwide basis. This kind of basis is completely needed in order to make employers in our country scared that they will be sanctioned if they hire illegal workers. The plan is still failing for the exact same reason. The Pew Research Center reported that there were 8 million undocumented immigrants working or looking for work in our country in the fiscal year 2014.

The United States government has had over 30 years to make these sanctions work. They haven’t worked yet. We cannot expect it to ever happen at this point. We need to find an entirely new approach, but before that happens we must take a look at what employer sanctions actually do.

It’s time to start preventing tragedies like the one that happened on Saturday. It’s time to listen to President Trump and start enforcing stricter vetting on illegals.