Houston Refuses to Hire Kaepernick, Signs Quarterback Who Hasn’t Played in Years Instead

Kirsters Baish| No NFL team wants to sign former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Not only is the man just another self-entitled multimillionaire athlete, but he is also the one responsible for the NFL anthem protest trend. Now, the Houston Texans have made it very clear that they will be avoiding hiring anti-American Kaepernick. They made the decision to hire a quarterback that hasn’t played football for six seasons instead of taking on the liability that is Colin Kaepernick.

It was just last week that Texans rookie quarterback DeShaun Watson was injured. The team needed to make a quick decision about a new quarterback to replace Watson. They opted not to give National Anthem protester Colin Kaepernick a chance, and a instead they signed Josh Johnson. The guy hasn’t even thrown a football in an NFL game since 2011. This just goes to show you the lengths teams will go to avoid Kaepernick at this point.

NBC analyst Tony Dungy made a ridiculous demand that the Texans should sign Kaepernick, the man who started the National Anthem protests last season. They didn’t think twice about the ludicrous statement by Dungy.

DownTrend.com explained that Dungy explained that the Texans should sign Kaepernick. He was quoted saying, “Sign Colin Kaepernick. You don’t have good quarterback play. When you have a mobile quarterback, your offense looks different. There is a mobile quarterback out there to get.”

The Texans made the announcement yesterday that they signed Josh Johnson instead of Colin Kaepernick. Left-wing sports media is not exactly happy with the decision and are already questioning it.

Below is Sports Illustrated’s explanation of the signing:

There’s no pleasing these guys. Johnson actually did play for San Francisco in 2014, however he didn’t make it to any game. The Texans actually DID hire a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback if we’re being technical. Luckily, it wasn’t Kaepernick. This isn’t the first time the Texans decided to pass on signing Kaepernick either. They skipped over the former 49ers quarterback last week when they signed Matt McGloin instead.

Kaepernick has missed slots time and time again with a lot of different NFL teams that had been trying to find a decent quarterback this season. It’s getting harder and harder for teams to argue that they aren’t signing Kaepernick because he doesn’t “fit their needs.” We all know that he is a liability, and he isn’t a good enough player to make the risk worth it.

By no means is Colin Kaepernick a great quarterback, but many would think he would have been a better choice than Josh Johnson. The truth of the matter is that teams are avoiding Kaepernick because he is nothing but trouble. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that most NFL teams are going to be nervous to sign someone as hated as Kaepernick. After all, he is the one responsible for the anthem protests. And this guy is still filing union grievances against the NFL claiming that owners are “colluding” to keep him from playing.

Kaepernick spent all of the 2016 football season protesting everything American, and then insisted that once he turned free agent he would stop all of his ridiculous protests. Can we really believe him? I certainly don’t. It’s not like he quietly took a knee during the anthem either. He spent his free time speaking out against our country. He wore socks during games that showed police officers as “pigs.” He even said the United States was “never great.” He wore shirts glorifying communist dictators. This man cannot be trusted.

Why Kaepernick thinks any team would want to sign him is beyond me. All he will bring to the field is hatred and drama. Any team that even considers signing him will likely see fans drop like flies. This guy doesn’t deserve to play in the NFL.