Hillary Clinton on Blast By James Woods After She Tweets Her Own Words From More Than a Year Ago

Kirsters Baish| We’ve heard James Woods come forward to let Liberals know how he feels before. The Conservative actor has turned into more of a political commentator in recent months, and he has a lot to say about the way the Left has been behaving. This time, he has brought up one of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s tweets from last year and utilized it to point out her pure hypocrisy.

This past Sunday, Woods decided to hop on Twitter and let America know just how he really feels about Clinton. He posted a picture of a 2016 tweet that came right from the Democrat herself… along with an interesting photo relating directly to the tweet.

Clinton’s 2016 Twitter post read, “There’s an old Mexican proverb that says ‘Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you who you are.’ We know how Trump is.”

Woods included a photograph of Hillary Clinton with non other than accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. So, her tweet suddenly makes her look like more of a hypocrite than anything else, and all Woods had to do was attach a simple photo.

Woods wrote on the post, “This didn’t age any better than the drunk who wrote it…”

CNN reported that Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault by more than forty women. 

It was just last week that yet another woman came forward to make accusations against Weinstein. The woman, Annabella Sciorra has alleged that Weinstein broke into her hotel room with the intention of raping her.

According to the Daily Wire, the money that Weinstein “pulled together for the Clintons by hosting fundraisers and soliciting donations from friends and colleagues” came to almost $1.5 million. 

Hillary Clinton hasn’t given a specific number, or even a roundabout number, about how much money she is going to be donating to charity. James Woods sees right through the failed presidential candidate, and as long as he has his Twitter account, you can bet he’s going to keep calling her out on her lies.