Graham Scolded Trump Over “S**thole” Comment, Forgot What He Said 5 Years Ago

Kirsters Baish| Liberals are signing up to bash Trump after he was accused of calling certain nations “s***hole” in a closed door meeting last week. Since the meeting, Washington has turned into a media feeding frenzy. Politicians have been nonstop opening their traps to express anger and surprise. Many have called Trump a racist.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was one of those politicians. Graham has been a known critic of President Trump. The mainstream media has been paying plenty of attention to Graham’s remarks on Trump, however, they haven’t paid much attention to something he said five years ago. The senior senator from South Carolina issued a statement in which he stated that he “said my piece directly to Trump.”

The statement that Graham made five years ago, however, was worse than what Trump allegedly said.

The hypocrisy of the left is almost too much to handle at this point. Can we seriously back up a Democrat who says something extremely similar to what our Commander in Chief said, but bash our POTUS? Something is seriously wrong here.