Feminists Put the Kibosh on Pu**y Hat as Offensive to “Women with Penises” and “Brown Genitalia”

Kirsters Baish| It’s looking as if an iconic symbol of liberal progressivism may be extinct pretty soon. At the 2017 Women’s March, which was a string of rallies that took place in multiple cities in order to protest the election of President Donald Trump, the pu**y hat was born. It has become the symbol of progressive feminism over the last year, but it looks like things may be changing.

Many feminists look at the hat as a big issue and are reporting that they won’t be wearing the hats any longer at this year’s Women’s March. Founder and president of Women’s March Michigan, Phoebe Hopps, spoke to the Detroit Free Press and stated, “I personally won’t wear one because if it hurts even a few people’s feelings, then I don’t feel like it’s unifying.”

The Detroit Free Press explained that the issue that feminists are now having is that the hat is exclusionary to transgender women, people who identify as gender non-binary, as well as non-white women “because their genitals are more likely to be brown than pink.”

No, this isn’t a joke. Yes, it sure sounds like one. Forget the fact that the hat dons what looks like cat ears on top, it’s a damn hat. Who cares? The Pussyhat Project stated that the pink hat, which was first designed after the 2016 general election, was chosen “because pink is associated with femininity.”

The post went on, “We did not choose the color pink as a representation of some people’s anatomy. Anyone who supports women’s rights is welcome to wear a Pussyhat. It does not matter if you have a vulva or what color your vulva may be. If a participant wants to create a Pussyhat that reflects the color of her vulva, we support her choice.” 

The Free Press reported further on the matter, explaining that the explanation wasn’t good enough for many people. They explained that LaShawn Erby of Black Lives Matter-Lansing would not speak about her point of view when it came to the pussyhats because the topic is a major part of the speech that she will be giving at the January 21 march in Lansing.

She would only make a short statement in which she explained, “I will say this one thing: It is a problem. You know, nobody can speak for your experience but you, so it really is important that people that look like you, that have experiences like you to represent you. You often can look just about anywhere and see a white person leading black people. But rarely do you see it in reverse.”

Multiple progressive liberal activism groups are planning another Women’s March for January 21. These marches will take place in cities all over the United States. Many people have wavering opinions of the pink hats.

The Pensacola, Florida Women’s March chapter is asking attendees not to wear the hats. They posted the following to their Facebook page:

The Pink P*ssy Hat reinforces the notion that woman = vagina and vagina = woman, and both of these are incorrect. Additionally, the Pink P*ssy Hat is white-focused and Eurocentric in that it assumes that all vaginas are pink; this is also an incorrect assertion,” it posted to its Facebook page. The post has been shared more than 1,200 times.

The Pensacola Women’s March organizers understand that this idea was a knee-jerk reaction to the heinous, sexist, misogynistic Trump administration, but it is also just that: a knee-jerk reaction, not fully thought out. Therefore, we ask that march goers refrain from wearing this hat and instead, pick an alternative headwear that focuses on collective women’s liberation for ALL women: transgender women, multinational women, disabled women, queer women — the most marginalized. It is only through the centering and leadership of these groups that women will be liberated — not through exclusionary white feminism, which the Pink P*ssy Hat is indicative of.

Snowflake America has really outdone themselves this time. Now, even their own hats are offensive.