EPA Makes Sickening Move Against Farmer Plowing His Own Field… All Thanks to Obama

Kirsters Baish|

The list of negative effects that Former President Barack Obama inflicted on our country over his eight-year reign go on and on. Just one of the horrible things that happened during Obama’s time in office was the Environmental Protection Agency sticking their heads so far up their rear ends, that they thought they could continually expand their power until it was unlimited. Their actions directly impacted the lives of millions of American citizens.

A farmer from Tehama County, California, John Duarte, was one of the people affected by the EPA’s thirst for power. He was fined millions of dollars for simply doing work on HIS OWN LAND. Yup, you read that correctly. The EPA felt that they had to right to fine this farmer millions because he was plowing land that he already owned. The Left is seriously getting ridiculous now.

Duarte is being slapped with a $2.8 million fine for plowing his own field. The EPA is claiming that because his property includes some wetlands that they are claiming belonged to the government he had no right to plow on the protected fields.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was sent a letter by the chairmen of the House Judiciary and Agriculture committees. The letter insisted that the issue be cleared up, pushing favor towards that of the farmer. This whole issue began while Barack Obama was in office. The Trump administration is not at fault for the whole debacle, but they will be the ones to put an end to all the nonsense.

The letter read, “the prosecution of Mr. Duarte raises concerns that the Congressional intent behind the farming exemptions in the statute is misunderstood.”

In a report by The Los Angeles Times, it was stated that there is an exception to the Clean Water Act. Farmers are allowed to plow the land they own, just as long as they aren’t harming any naturally occurring wetlands. Although Duarte didn’t destroy any of the wetlands, the EPA is still after him. The government is hell-bent on bringing him to court.

It was reported by Fox Business that Duarte explained that the lawsuit filed against him is because he filled a “due process claim” against the government.

His explanation was, “because we work for the Pacific Legal Foundation here in California and filed a due process, a fifth amendment civil right suit against the government for sending me cease and desist notice without any form of hearing, without getting the facts right to begin with, they retaliated with a $2.8 million lawsuit against me.”

One of the main reasons that President Trump won the 2016 presidential election was because Americans are sick of dealing with this kind of corruption from the government. Obama may have endorsed this sick corruption, but with a president like President Donald Trump we can rest assured that we won’t be subject to this kind of ridiculousness.

One of President Trump’s promises to the American people was to work on shrinking the grasp that federal government has over the people of our country. We truly hope that Trump is about to prevent the EPA from continuing to harass hard-working Americans.  H/T