Is This the End for Nancy Pelosi? A New Major Scandal Rocking Her World

Kirsters Baish| When it comes to politics, California has been shooting themselves in the foot over and over again. They have elected representatives that have no idea what they’re doing… or even worse, they simply don’t care to do the right thing.

One of the worst of the worst in California politics is Nancy Pelosi herself. Her crooked ways stem from the likes of Hillary Clinton. And to be totally honest, lately Pelosi seems to be slipping mentally.

The Democrats have been plagued by resignations after multiple sexual harassment scandals and the #metoo movement. They have lost their supermajority within the California legislature. This has actually saved the people of California from more tax hikes for the time being. Pair this with the fact that Nancy Pelosi purposely stopped the resignation of John Conyers in Congress, we may actually be seeing a small window of opportunity in which the state of California could be saved in the 2018 midterm elections. Pelosi may be voted out once and for all.

If there’s one state within the union which is continually “blue,” it’s the state of California. They have one single Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. They also have a couple of state and federal legislators in the northern and southern counties, but Democrats essentially run the state.

Politico reported that a new sexual harassment scandal is on the horizon which may wipe the Democratic ranks. We should be prepared to see a string of “scandal-induced resignations” in 2018. The Democrats’ power is being threatened in a big way.

A veteran Democratic strategist, Garry South, explained to the political news outlet, “We’re in unchartered territory here. This whole issue has hit a critical mass in a very short time. I’ve never seen anything like it before — and I don’t know where it ends.”

South isn’t the only one who claims that Democrats have been suffering from a drastic drop in public trust. Hollywood liberals like Harvey Weinstein have been under the microscope after allegations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct have surfaced. These are the same people who have been bankrolling Democratic candidates at the state as well as the federal levels. Things are not looking good for the Democratic Party.

The major players in the Party who are responsible for representing some of the biggest urban areas in the state of California are unable to get away from the blow to their reputations. Representative Nancy Pelosi isn’t even immune to the claims. Due to the fact that she stopped Representative John Conyers’s resignation after calling him an “American icon,” as well as begging him to remain in office, she too is sitting in hot water. This all came after multiple women came forward to accuse Conyers of strange sexual behavior. 

Now, the California Assembly is stuck in the middle of its own sex scandal. Numerous women agreed to sign a petition which demanded that the Democratic legislators who have been accused of sexually harassing aides and staff take responsibility for their actions. Their movement is labeled #WeSaidEnough.

The Assembly is planning on holding multiple hours of hearings in order to deal with sexual harassment when it reconvenes in January of 2018. Politico reported that the State Senate has hired two law firms in order to handle the mass of claims that will be coming their way. Pelosi’s daughter is leading a group of progressive feminists who are attacking California state Democrats from the left. They have accused these Democrats of covering up for sexual abusers and at the same time labeling themselves protectors of women’s rights.

Could this be the end for Nancy Pelosi’s career? The Democratic Party is falling into a deep rabbit hole that they may not be able to get themselves out of.