Driver Gets Stuck in Middle of Portland Protest… Drives Right Through Mob of Leftists

Kirsters Baish| After weeks of scrutiny from the left in what can only be described as a sick attempt to destroy an innocent man’s reputation and career in the name of the Democratic agenda, President Trump’s pick for the open Supreme Court seat, Brett Kavanaugh, was officially confirmed. A hair-splitting 50-48 vote made the nomination final. It came as a huge victory for the Republican Party, as it will likely set the stage for the upcoming midterm elections.

Of course, liberals were there to protest (likely being paid to do so.) In Portland, Oregon, a motorist became stuck inside a crowd of protesters. They began attacking his vehicle, so instead of becoming their victim, he stepped on the gas and plowed through the crowd.

The Gateway Pundit writes, “The subject(s) of this episode of Protest Of The Week was likely a combination of Kavanaugh and an officer involved shooting, where police shot and killed a man who was suspected in a nearby shooting scene and had a lengthy criminal rap sheet. The guy driving the silver Lexus got caught up in the middle of the march, and tried to turn to avoid the mob. Watch as one genius protester decides to plant himself in front of the car and try to physically stop it, as other protesters swarm the car.”

Take a look at the photo below. You can clearly see that the motorist’s driver-side window was smashed during the altercation.

Portland police are covering for the liberal protesters, but why? They haven asked drivers and those who have legitimate reasons to go downtown to avoid the area where the protesters are. Why aren’t Portland police telling these unhinged protesters to stop blocking traffic, destroying private and public property, and violating multiple laws?

The problem is so bad that Portland police have told people to “use extreme caution” and to avoid the area as best they can. Shouldn’t that mean that they should break up the mob of protesters?