Disney Tries to Scrub Christianity From Existence in New Blockbuster, Pays a Big Price


Kirsters Baish| Liberals are starting to join Republicans in noticing that Christianity has begun to be stripped from our country. That proves that there’s a big problem in America. As Oprah’s “A Wrinkle in Time” opens in movie theaters all over the country, people are noticing that something is wrong.

The minimization of Christianity in America might be an expensive mistake for one major brand, and that brand is none other than the Walt Disney Company who sunk $1 million into the project. Oprah upped publicity for the movie.

Disney is beginning to pay the price. The Hollywood Reporter explained that the movie was expected to be a blockbuster, but isn’t doing so hot. 

The Reporter read, “Hobbled by poor word of mouth, the fantasy-adventure grossed $10.2 million on Friday from 3,980 theaters for a weekend debut of $32 million-$33 million, behind expectations. ‘Wrinkle in Time’ has been rebuffed by most critics, while audiences gave it a mediocre B CinemaScore.”

The Detroit News reported that the movie is an “unruly mess.”

The main issue in the movie was that biblical religious themes which were a huge part of the original story have been taken out of the movie.

Conservative Tribune reported:

They’ve been replaced by the sort of wishy-washy “forces of light” themes that pass for morality in modern liberals. And the movie doesn’t benefit from the switch.

As one reviewer quoted by This Is Insider put it (Indiewire senior film critic David Ehrlich):

“Jesus is out, self-worth is in, and it’s coming for your children via an $103-million orgy of special effects that starts with a giant astral projection of Oprah and only gets more insane from there.”

A very liberal website, Vox, wrote had an article earlier in the week by writer Tara Isabella Burton who writes religious pieces. She called the original book controversial for some conservative Christians, but that was the author’s faith.

L’Engle was a devoted Christian who died in 2007. All Christians can appreciate her point that Christianity was a paradox.

Screenwriter Jennifer Lee told the website, Uproxx that “One of the reasons it had that strong Christian element to it wasn’t just because she was Christian, but because she was frustrated with things that needed to be said to her in the world and she wasn’t finding a way to say it and she wanted to stay true to her faith. I think there are a lot of elements of what she wrote that we have progressed on as a society and we can move on to the other elements.”