Dick Durbin Literally Says He Doesn’t Work for the American People

Kirsters Baish| The reason people are elected to serve in a branch of Congress is because it is thought that they would be good candidates to work on behalf of the American people. They are supposed to be focusing on the issues which matter the most to the American people. They are spokespeople for the residents and voters of each specific state or district that elected them and sent them to Washington in the first place.

The Daily Wire reported that things aren’t going the way they were intended to when it comes to Democratic Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. He seems to be “focused” and “working” for a different group of citizens rather than our own. He is working mostly for illegal immigrants, not the voters within his own state of Illinois.

Senator Durbin, who is also the Senate Minority Whip and a top leader in the Democratic Party, was asked recently by a reporter to talk about the allegations that he had lied when it came to the infamous President Donald Trump “s***hole” comment, which was supposedly made during a closed door meeting having to do with immigration reform.

One of Chicago’s CBS affiliate reporters, Mike Puccinelli, then shared Senator Durbin’s response via Twitter:

“Listen, politics ain’t beanbag,” Durbin answered. “When you get into tough, complicated, contentious issues, sometimes rhetoric gets very fiery. If you don’t have a tough skin, this is not a good business to get into.”

So, Dick Durbin is focused on helping illegal immigrants rather than American citizens. Good to know. I have a feeling that the voters of Illinois and the residents in Chicago specifically are happy to know that their own senator cares more about illegal immigrants than he cares about them. In essence, what the man just said is that he is putting illegal immigrants before military funding and making sure our government doesn’t shut down. He cares more about protecting illegal immigrants than supporting tax reform which will help aid small businesses and job growth.

The Chicago Tribune recently published an editorial which reminded us that while President Trump’s economy is doing wonderfully and unemployment rates have dropped due to tax cuts and deregulation had come in the form of economic benefits and new jobs all over the United States, Illinois wasn’t doing so great, mainly black residents of Chicago.